Heavyweight Tencent cloud open source industry’s first etcd one-stop governance platform kstone



Kstone open source

At the kubecon China Conference held by CNCF cloud native foundation on December 9, 2021,Tencent cloud container tke team released the open source project of kstone etcd governance platform.

KstoneIt was initiated by the TKE team of Tencent cloud containerCloud native one-stop etcd governance project based on kubernetes。 The project originates from Tencent’s internal large-scale etcd cluster governance and best practices, which well realizes the visual management and operation and maintenance of etcd clusters under various business scenarios, greatly simplifies the complexity of etcd operation and maintenance in various scenarios, will help you find various potential etcd cluster hidden dangers in time, and significantly improve the stability and data security of k8s and etcd clusters, Help the business run more stably and faster.

Kstone architecture and features

As a general etcd governance open source project,The kstone project has many features:

  • Cluster management: kstone not only supports associating existing clusters, but also has an advanced version of kstone etcd operator built in, which will help you deploy etcd clusters on k8s clusters with high reliability. Therefore, whether you are the etcd cluster management demand of kubernetes, or you want to create a new etcd cluster for business scenarios such as registration center, apisik gateway and configuration storage, kstone can realize etcd cluster management in the above scenarios.

  • Cluster patrol: kstone project precipitates the experience of large-scale etcd cluster governance within TencentIt provides rich cluster patrol strategies, such as data consistency, number of resource objects, health, hot key, DB full and so on, which will help you find hidden dangers in time and improve the stability of etcd cluster.

  • Data backup: kstone provides minute level etcd data backup capability and supports data backup to Tencent cloud COS and other object storage. At the same time, we also support creating a learner through kstone etcd operator to realize cross city hot standby of data.

  • Cluster monitoring: kstone supports cluster Association and automatically turns on monitoring when creating clusters. It has built-in rich grafana metrics views, which will help you improve the efficiency of locating problems.

  • data migration : kstone will provide automatic data migration capability for large-scale etcd clusters and support multiple migration algorithms (etcd V2 to V3, etcd V3 to V3, cold migration, hot migration, etc.). Automatic migration capability will help you greatly improve the stability of the cluster.

  • Intelligent diagnosis: kstone will provide etcd cluster diagnosis function to analyze various hidden dangers of the cluster and output etcd expert optimization suggestions.

  • visualization: kstone provides a web system to help you easily complete etcd cluster management, including cluster management, monitoring, patrol inspection, backup and etcd data visualization.

  • Simple deployment: kstone provides helm one click deployment capability, which greatly simplifies the deployment complexity.

Currently, kstoneIt has been widely used in Tencent cloud, Tencent conference, Tencent advertising, computing platform, Tencent game business, etc. the landing scene covers kubernetes etcd cluster management, Apis IX gateway, registration center, configuration storage, etc

In the future, we will firmly believe in the values of open source, community, ecology, neutrality and standards, and work with our community partners to promote the technical development and application of kstone project.

Kstone is officially open source! More enthusiasts are welcome to participate in the development

Open source project GitHub address

As long as you are interested in kstone, you are welcome to join. Participation method: add tkeplatform. Reply: kstone, Xiaoyun will pull you into the group.

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