Heavyweight cybervein (CVT) officially landed on hanbitco Korea Exchange on March 25


Heavyweight cybervein (CVT) officially landed on hanbitco Korea Exchange on March 25
Heavyweight cybervein (CVT) officially landed on hanbitco Korea Exchange on March 25

To CVT users:

Cybervein always attaches importance to the security, compliance and liquidity of transactions. According to cybervein’s future development plan and globalization goal, we have reached a friendly cooperative relationship with hanbitco to provide our users with high-quality transaction experience. We hereby solemnly announce that CVT will officially log on hanbitco Korea Exchange on March 25, 2021, open CVT recharge channel at 11:00 (UTC + 8), open trading channel at 17:00 (UTC + 8), and launch CVT / BTC trading pairs.

Users can follow the official websites of hanbitco and cybervein to learn the latest developments of bilateral cooperation. In addition, cybervein will visit hanbitco’s official telegraph at 17:00 (UTC + 8) on March 30 to hold AMA activities. Please pay attention.

Address of exchange: https://hanbitco.com/

About hanbitco

Hanbitco was founded in Seoul, Korea in 2018. Since its establishment, hanbitco has worked hard in standardization. It is a founding member exchange of Korea blockchain Association (KBA). Hanbitco ranks among almost all authoritative certifications related to “security”, including ISO / IEC 27001 certification in 2018 and isms certification by Korean government agencies in 2019. On the list of cyber security exchanges released by the authoritative Security Agency cer.live, hanbitco ranks first in South Korea and 20th in the world. Previously, hanbitco established chainaction social movement to achieve 17 United Nations sustainable development goals and promote the adoption of large-scale cryptocurrency and the implementation of blockchain technology.

According to Korean media, in March 2020, the plenary session of the South Korean parliament passed the amendment to the special financial law. The cryptocurrency exchange will be officially regarded as a financial institution and officially implemented this month. Hanbitco has also become one of the six compliance exchanges in South Korea. With the launch of CVT in hanbitco this time, some people in the industry said that more and more encryption enterprises will move closer to South Korea. Cybervein, as a well-known overseas blockchain project in South Korea, means that more enterprises and users will pay attention to CVT, which is a great deal of good for improving the liquidity and compliance of CVT and can promote the recognition of cybervein in the international market, At the same time, the rights and interests of investors can also be more protected.

About cybervein

Cybervein (digital pulse chain) was founded in 2017, initiated by Singapore CV technology foundation, and authorized the global smart city operation center to carry out the construction and development of global smart cities. As a project with landing industries, applications and products, cybervein provides customized solutions for smart cities for global enterprises through the newly created Dave data switches (Data Analytics & Valuation engine).

As a practical pass, CVT is a just needed payment means and circulation medium in cybervein network and its smart city ecosystem. It is a payment medium in big data services of Dave alliance and cross. The main use scenarios are storage payment, encrypted payment, computing payment and big data service payment. It has practical application value and strong liquidity.

Cybervein Foundation

                                                                               March 24, 2021

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