Have you heard of the 30th issue of edge calculation? Taobao has improved its first screen performance by 69% & talk about some interesting interactive animations in Apple’s marketing page


How to make page interaction smoother

This article is based on the reply of “make your web page smoother by Liu Bowen” on fdcon2019. This topic is also an area of interest to bloggers. In the future, it will be further integrated with this article in combination with react’s schedule

HTTPS principle analysis — with questions layer by layer

With the decline of the cost of building HTTPS sites, most websites have begun to use HTTPS protocol. We all know that HTTPS is safer than HTTP, and we have heard of HTTPS
The concepts related to the protocol include SSL, asymmetric encryption, CA certificate, etc., but you may not be able to answer the following three questions:

  1. Why is HTTPS safe?
  2. How to implement the underlying principle of HTTPS?
  3. Is it safe to use HTTPS?

This paper will go deep layer by layer and explain the security of HTTPS in principle.

Have you heard of edge computing? Taobao uses it to improve the first screen performance by 69%!

Before getting to the point, let me talk about a business scenario of content details and its performance problems. The graphic content details business itself has three major characteristics:

  • The internal capacity is large, billions of internal capacity, and it is still growing madly every day
  • The traffic is large. In order to support such a large business, a lot of server costs are required
  • The content data is very static. The page reference is as follows. Except for the data marked in blue, other data are rarely changed

Magic tool to improve packaging speed by 10 times: snowpack 2.0 release, no more packers!

Nowpack 2.0 is a building system designed for this new era of web development. Snowpack uses the native es module (ESM) support to provide the constructed files directly to the browser, so that your development environment no longer needs a packer. It is not only a faster tool, but also a new web construction system and method.

Talk about some interesting interactive animations in Apple’s marketing page

When browsing Apple’s 16 inch marketing page two days ago, I found several interesting interactions. I thought that although I was poor, my knowledge was boundless, so I studied a wave.

Webpack 5 hands-on evaluation

You must have seen a lot of out of box evaluation of electronic equipment. Today we also run a new version of software evaluation – webpack 5!

Babel plug-in development & testing and simple source code analysis

This paper starts with the introduction of Babel foundation, fully expounds how to develop and test plug-ins with an example, and finally provides simple Babel code analysis and other extension materials

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