Have you ever learned the source code of your common framework?

  • Write in front

    First of all, this is not a tutorial on how to use the sharing framework, nor is it a tutorial taught as a preacher. This is just a record of learning as a learning developer, but I share this record. If you see it or have different opinions, please put it forward for friendly discussion, rather than groundless criticism.

  • Let’s start.

    Because I have been working on. Net development for several years and have experienced some technological changes. I have just come into contact with webform, MVC and webapi. From the initial shuttle to the popularity of micro service ideas in recent years, the advantages of front-end and back-end separation have emerged. With the passage of time, more excellent frameworks may emerge, However, as a developer, I think it is necessary to understand the principle and mechanism of the framework, even a small part, in addition to the use of the framework.

Here, I summarize my personal views that need to be learned, which only represent myself. Here, I don’t divide. Netframework and. NETCORE into three, six, nine, etc. in my mind, they are very excellent frameworks, but the focus is different. If there are inappropriate or incorrect arguments and quotations, it can only show that I am not good at writing summary, It doesn’t mean I have hostility and discrimination against any of them. You may have studied NETCORE. What are its characteristics? And what attracts you, purely for the pursuit of fashion? Or cross platform? Or is it configurable and high-performance?

The expansion of various middleware is like building blocks. Is it more attractive to build an application according to your own ideas? Compared with the. Net framework, its disadvantages are obvious. What you want and don’t want are put in the framework, and what you want or don’t execute is executed for you, referred to as “hodgepodge”, Then the advantage is that developers only need to care about the business, because you don’t need to worry about technical problems, let alone understand what the framework has done for you. You just need to write the addition, deletion, modification and query of the module you are responsible for.

Although this improves the production capacity to some extent, it is very dangerous from the perspective of programmers, so this is why you don’t need to learn its mechanism, but you should understand that if a programmer wants to improve his technical level, he must learn the basic knowledge, which is the “basic knowledge” here It refers to the mechanism and principle of the existing framework and the excellent design ideas and coding in the framework code, which is very helpful to the improvement of personal technology. As for the degree of learning, it depends on everyone’s own cognition

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