Have PHP foundation, want to learn Java, seek relevant course


present situation:

Mainly engaged in PHP development, the project also involves the front-end related knowledge (Vue, jQuery, bootstrap, H5). Due to the need of the project to learn java related knowledge, there are a lot of related courses on the network, but relatively few are in line with the actual situation (many of them start from scratch, which are very wordy, not suitable for people with development experience to learn quickly).


  1. Hope to have a tutorial like laravel and learn java related knowledge along with the projects in the tutorial.
  2. It’s OK to have community recommendations like learnku.


At first, I also wanted to learn go, nodejs, Python and Java. I spent some time dabbling in it. The ecology of Java is the most perfect. There are mature schemes for various design patterns, microservices and concurrent programming. Therefore, PHP is used as a tool to eat now and absorb some new ideas from Java. After all, many things about technology are conceivable.