Hasekell beginner


Due: Mon, Jun 28, 1:59pm

How to Submit

These files

must compile without errors

in GHCi. Put all non-working parts of your solution inthe comments! If your file does not compile, you will not get any points for the homework.

Please preserve the existing


comments in the template (the lines starting with

andthe results underneath). This will help the TA during grading.

If you can’t solve a problem, you can get partial credit by describing in comments what you triedand where you got stuck. However, your explanation must convince the TA that really tried tosolve the problem.

Late submissions will not be accepted. Do not send solutions by email.

If submitting individually

: Just upload your submission to the assignment in Canvas.

Yoursubmission should consist of two files named




If submitting as part of a team


Assign yourself to a “Group” in Canvas. Select “People” from the menu, then select the“Groups” tab. Click “Join” on a group whose name starts with “HW1”.

You must coordinate with your team members to all join the same group. When choosing agroup, please use the

smallest available

group number.

Do not add yourself to a group unless you have already coordinated and everyone has agreedto be in a group together.

Your file must contain the names and ID numbers of each member of your group in acomment at the top of your file. This is to ensure that nobody changed the composition of yourgroup. Put the

names (as stated in Canvas)



of all team members as acomment at the top of the file.

If your submission does not include the names of all teammembers you will not get any points for the homework.

Your submission should consist of two files named





The goals of this assignment are to help you learn the basics of programming in Haskell: data types,functions, pattern matching, and recursion.

The assignment consists of two parts. For each part, you should download the correspondingtemplate, rename it, and add your definitions directly to the file.
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