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  • Huawei releases harmonyos 3 developer Preview
  • Tencent and other 20 companies promised not to monitor personal privacy
  • Oppo may develop high-end mobile phone chips by itself
  • Apple plans to launch a hole digging screen iPhone next year
  • Intel open source machine programming tool controlflag
  • The “buy” function of Apple’s iTunes Store has encountered a class action lawsuit
  • Google reduces the burden for subscription apps: halve the revenue from the app store to 15%
  • Apple’s objection that Huawei’s trademark copied airpods was rejected
  • EU bill to curb technology giants postponed
  • Windows terminal preview 1.12 release
  • Microsoft releases vs code running in browser
  • Chrome 95 release
  • Eclipse openj9 v0.29.0 release
  • MySQL 8.0.27 GA release

Industry information

Huawei releases harmonyos 3 developer Preview

On October 22, Huawei Developer Conference 2021 (together) was held in Dongguan. The developer preview version of harmonyos 3 was officially released at the meeting, and the harmonyos 3 beta is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2022. It is reported that the developer preview version of harmonyos 3 innovates around the three core values of elastic deployment, super terminal and one-time development and multi terminal deployment, and comprehensively upgrades the system performance and development tools.

Tencent et al   20 companies promise not to monitor personal privacy

ten   On June 22, the network information office of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee jointly organized the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and the Shenzhen Municipal Communications Administration Bureau   The app personal information co Protection Conference was held in Shenzhen central bookstore.

More than 20 key app operating enterprises such as Tencent and Huawei signed the Shenzhen   App’s commitment on self-discipline in personal information protection made a commitment to the public to “not collect information beyond the scope, not force to ask for user authorization, not use big data to kill mature, not abuse face recognition data, and not monitor personal privacy”.

Oppo may develop high-end mobile phone chips by itself

According to people familiar with the matter, oppo plans to use self-developed mobile system level chip (SOC) on mobile phones launched in 2023 or 2024, depending on oppo   Development speed. Oppo hopes to use TSMC’s 3nm process technology and become the second wave of customers using TSMC’s cutting-edge technology after apple and Intel.

Apple plans to launch a hole digging screen iPhone next year

Foreign media reported that Apple plans to launch high-end products next year   iPhone   Hole digging screen shall be applied on the model. Previously, overseas bloggers brought the latest conceptual rendering of the iPhone 14 Pro Series. The pictures show that the iPhone 14 Pro Series uses a smaller hole digging screen. It is reported that the hole digging screen technology will be launched in 2022   The off screen camera technology will be used in 2024. Off screen camera technology is not only suitable for iPhone, but also for future MacBook Pro.

Intel open source machine programming tool controlflag

Intel recently opened source the machine programming tool controlflag, which is a tool that uses machine learning to detect computer code problems. Ideally, the application of controlflag can reduce the time required to debug applications and software. During the test, Intel’s machine programming research team said that controlflag found hundreds of defects in the proprietary “production quality” software, which proved its practicability.

The “buy” function of Apple’s iTunes Store has encountered a class action lawsuit

Apple suffered another class action lawsuit this week, accusing the company of misleading customers into believing that they were buying goods when they paid for iTunes content, but they were actually only authorized for content. The class action lawsuit was filed in the Western District Court of New York on Monday. The reason is that users find that apple can delete any digital content from the user account without prior notice. Although the goal of this lawsuit is   ITunes Store, but in Apple’s current operating system, apps such as Apple TV and apple music also provide paid content.

Google reduces the burden for subscription apps: halve the revenue from the app store to   15%

Google said on Thursday that it would make subscription applications   The play store’s bonus is directly halved to   15%, no need to wait until the next year. The new pumping structure will start next year   Effective in January, it is likely to encourage developers to switch from one-time payment mode to subscription mode. E-books and on-demand streaming music services can enjoy as low as   10% bonus. At present, developers need to pay a subscription fee of 30% to Google play store in the first year, and then halve to 15% from the second year.

Apple disputes Huawei’s trademark plagiarism   Airpods rejected

According to the data, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. recently added a trademark document with the type of trademark objection decision. The text of the document shows that the opponent is apple and the trademark involved is “Huawei matepod”. The State Intellectual Property Office considered that the evidence was insufficient and lacked factual basis, and approved the trademark registration of Huawei matepod.

EU bill to curb technology giants postponed

According to reports, internal documents show that the two new regulations formulated by the EU to crack down on large technology companies such as Google and Facebook have been delayed, and it will take more time to obtain the approval of all parties. Analysts say that even if the two bills are approved by the European Commission, Member States and the European Parliament, it will take several years for the EU to really complete the legislation. Obviously, this has undoubtedly won a breather for large technology companies such as Google.

Latest technology trends

Windows terminal preview 1.12 release

Windows terminal preview 1.12 has been released. The update highlights are as follows:

  • Support setting Windows terminal as the default terminal;
  • Matching configuration files, Windows terminal now supports the correct processing of executable startup matching of terminal configuration files;
  • Support recovery window. Windows terminal adds the option to recover the last session after restart
  • Add full transparency mode. You can adjust the transparency of the window by Ctrl + Shift + scroll

Microsoft releases vs code running in browser

Microsoft has launched a lightweight vs code web preview that can run completely in the browser. The program allows developers to directly use vs Code in the browser without using the locally installed version for development. The vs code web preview can be run on browsers that support system file access APIs, such as Microsoft’s edge browser and Google’s Chrome browser. If the browser used by the user does not support the features of the system file access API, the user can choose to upload or download the file to the browser for development.

Chrome 95 release

Last month, Google launched chrome 94. Now, after four weeks, chrome 95 has arrived as scheduled. The noteworthy updates in chrome 95 include:

  • Chrome   Restrictions will be enforced   The name of the cookie + the size of the value;
  • Deprecate pairs of non numeric ending   IPv4   URL support for hostname

Google from   Chrome 88 starts giving up FTP   Support, now   FTP support has been completely removed, etc. The next stable version is expected   Chrome 96   Will be   Issued on November 16.

Eclipse OpenJ9 v0.29.0   release

Eclipse OpenJ9 v0.29.0   Now released, eclipse openj9 is the JVM of openjdk, which is provided by IBM   Create and donate to the eclipse foundation. Openj9 version 0.29.0 now supports openjdk 8 and 11. The main updates are as follows:

  • Added full support for aarch64 Linux;
  • -Update of xsoftmx Gencon;
  • Jitserver technology is now supported by Linux on x86-64 and power

MySQL 8.0.27 GA   Version release

The latest version of MySQL 8.0.27 was officially released on October 19, 2021. This is a maintenance version of MySQL 8.0. In addition to repairing 207 bugs, some new functions are added:

  • Multi factor authentication function;
  • To improve the ability of monitoring MySQL and troubleshooting, performance_ Schema supports exporting the measurement thread name (not mysqld) to the operating system, which is similar to the PS execution effect of UNIX;
  • The replication function enables multi-threaded replication by default. A multi-threaded replication application has many application threads executing transactions in parallel