Happy Labor Day


It’s going to May next year. May Day holiday is coming!

While looking forward to the arrival of the holiday, Mr. tcaplus DB wants to share with you the history of May Day.

International Labor Day, also known as “May 1 International Labor Day”, is a common holiday for working people all over the world, originated from the workers’ strike in Chicago, USA.

On May 1, 1886, the workers in Chicago held a strike for the implementation of the eight hour working system. After a hard and bloody struggle, they finally won the victory. To commemorate the workers’ movement, May 1 was designated as the common holiday of the international proletariat.

Happy Labor Day

After the founding of new China, the Administrative Council of the Central People’s government designated May 1 as the legal labor day. On this day of every year, the whole country celebrates. People put on their festive costumes and gather in parks, theaters and squares to participate in various celebration gatherings or recreational activities, and commend the workers who have made outstanding contributions.

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Here, tcapsusdb wish you all a good harvest in your work, share the joy, and have a happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day

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