Hangfire is in ASP.NET Simple implementation method in core


Hangfire is a powerful tool for performing background tasks. For details, please refer to the introduction on the official website: https://www.hangfire.io/

Create a new one asp.net Core MVC project

Introducing nuget package Hangfire.AspNetCore

The task of hangfire requires database persistence. We modify configureservices in the startup class

Then enable the hangfire Middleware in the configure method

Now when we run the project, we can see that many tables are automatically generated in the database. These tables are used to persist tasks

We can open the following address to see the job control panel of hangfire. There are no jobs open now

Add a periodic job to the configure method to execute the output every minute

Start the application again

The output job already exists.

Modify the code again. Suppose there are two tasks to send and receive messages. Then write an interface IMessage, which implements the interface

Register in starup,

Then use it in the configure method

start the program again

There are two new jobs.

The above is just hangfire’s asp.net Simple use in core.

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