Guest interview: Wang Jian


Guest interview: Wang Jian
The Organizing Committee of PostgreSQL Asia Conference 2020 specially launched alicloud databaseGuest series online interviewIn the eighth issue, we invited Wang Jian, senior operation and maintenance engineer of alicloud database. He will bring PostgreSQL CDC best practices to share during 15:30-16:10 on November 17 in the Alibaba cloud database training session.

Wang Jian, senior operation and maintenance engineer of alicloud database
Q1: can you introduce yourself briefly? How do you interact with the PostgreSQL community?
Wang JianHello everyone, my name is Wang Jian, and the flower’s name is Jiang Yun. Before joining Alibaba in 2018, I worked in a domestic database manufacturer. I probably got in touch with PG database since 2015. In the process of learning, there are big bull blogs such as de Ge for reference, and also with the help of colleagues. In the process of constantly understanding PG, they began to participate in some community meetings and activities to get to know more students. The technology has been greatly improved through continuous communication and learning. Participating in community activities is a good opportunity to improve yourself. You can get to know a lot of technical bulls and know the latest trends and technical points of PG.

Q2: how do you solve the difficulties in product planning or product development? What do you feel most proud (interesting)?
Wang Jian: in the process of learning PG, you should start from official documents and blog. If you encounter any problems, you will first consult the official documents or blog, and then you will start to read some foreign technical blogs, such as EDB and the second quadrant, crunchy Data, etc. friends familiar with PG may know that PG has a wealth of plug-ins. After opening GitHub, you will find a new treasure and find a large number of useful PG plug-ins waiting for you to dig. In the last stage, I began to learn the code of PG kernel. I found that there were many problems that could not be found in the search engine. I would check the code and manually debug it to help me solve the problem. At the same time, I could learn the principle of database. The most interesting thing is to solve a problem that has been bothering for a long time, and you will gain great satisfaction.

Q3: how do you think database products will have more vitality in the future?
Wang JianFirst of all, the functional level should be more in line with the use scenarios of enterprise users, and secondly, reduce the difficulty of new users to use the database easily.

Q4: finally, do you have any suggestions for the netizens who want to engage in the research and development of PG products or technologies?
Wang JianTo keep curiosity, we need to have the spirit of breaking through the casserole, practice more and explore more.

Alibaba cloud database special session of 2020 PostgreSQL Asia Conference
On November 17, 2020, from morning to evening, eight lecturers from the original factory will share their dry goods and live broadcast in Chinese online PostgresConf.CN & PGConf.Asia Alicloud database special channel of 2020 conference, looking forward to your joining!
Guest interview: Wang Jian

About alicloud database
Alibaba cloud intelligent database products division carries all the online data and data services of Alibaba cloud and Alibaba group. It provides a full stack of database products and services from online transaction processing to online analysis and processing, and supports flexible deployment in various environments of public cloud and private cloud, and full coverage of individual developers, small and medium-sized enterprises and global large-scale enterprises. Alibaba cloud database service is the most reliable and efficient choice for both individual and enterprise business requirements. With the advent of the data age, Alibaba cloud database products are redesigned and implemented based on the architecture of cloud computing and data center. It is a global leader in database storage engine, cloud native technology, analysis engine, distributed processing, FPGA / GPU hardware acceleration, intelligent database, intelligent management and control platform, security database and other aspects. It is a comprehensive cloud product and service group Together, we have provided rich database product solutions and industry experience for Alibaba cloud customers and Alibaba Group’s diversified business.

At present, after more than ten years of application practice and technical iteration, Alibaba cloud has the most powerful and rich cloud database product family in China, covering five major sectors: relational database, non relational database, analytical database, database ecological tools and cloud database exclusive cluster, which can meet different database application development needs of users and solve the cloud of enterprise core business The key challenges of the project.

Core products
The core products include: self-developed cloud native relational database polardb, cloud native data warehouse analytical dB and cloud native data Lake analysis DLA, cloud native multi-mode database lindorm, cloud database exclusive cluster MyBase and relational database service RDS, non relational database service NoSQL products HBase, redis, mongodb, graphdb, and database ecological tools DTS / DMS / DBS / Adam Operation and maintenance platform DAS, etc.

Among them, polardb is the first cloud native relational database in China, which adopts the separation of storage and computing and the integrated design of software and hardware to meet the needs of large-scale application scenarios.

PostgreSQL Alibaba cloud database special session – nail communication group
Guest interview: Wang Jian

about PostgresConf.CN&PGConf . asia2020 Conference
As the largest and most famous PG series conference in the world, pgconf is running in all regions of the world from New York to Moscow, from Rio de Janeiro to Johannesburg. The largest PG technology event in Asia – PGConf.Asia The conference will be held in China for the first time in November this year. As the host, PG branch of China Open Source Software Alliance hosted the conference, which was broadcast to the world through motianlun community. This conference will gather Chinese PG strength, major PG contributors and application enterprises in Asia to jointly build the largest PG ecological conference in Asia.

current PGConf.Asia The conference will PostgresConf.CN The conference was jointly held in China. PostgresConf.CN The China conference is also a global formal conference listed in the postgresconf conference sequence, and also the largest and highest specification PG ecological conference in China. Since 2017, it has been held for three consecutive sessions. This year’s conference will continue to be based on the domestic PG industry, providing the most clear and unique perspective for the audience.
Guest interview: Wang Jian

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Guest interview: Wang Jian

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Guest interview: Wang Jian

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