Guangzhou blockchain development: “blockchain + online car Hailing” is a protective line in the online car Hailing Market


A message, a phone call, many people need to rush to the destination after receiving the message. Waiting for the bus is too slow, and it’s too tired to squeeze the subway, so taking a taxi becomes a choice for more people. Indeed, online car Hailing is convenient and fast, bringing more convenience to people’s life.

However, with the continuous growth of the online car Hailing market, various problems emerge in an endless stream. Illegal registration of vehicles, lax background audit of drivers, imperfect online car Hailing system and so on are all hidden dangers for the safety of online car Hailing. For example, the frequent occurrence of passenger safety incidents will push didi taxi to the forefront again and again. Many experts have proposed thatBlockchain TechnologyIntroduced to the network car industry, so this can really put an end to the emergence of security issues?

Obviously, to some extent, it can only reduce the frequency of security problems, and can not eliminate the emergence of security problems. We can trace back to the reasons for the security problems, first of all, the problem of man-made evils, second, there are loopholes in the platform audit, and the registration threshold of car owners is low. The third is the lack of security linkage mechanism and emergency response capability of the police. The fourth is the protection of passenger privacy.

Can blockchain technology effectively solve the above problems?

1、 Building mutual trust

The birth of blockchain technology can get rid of the centralized trust mechanism and help people solve the trust problem. Like the didi ride system, which is in a crisis of trust, it can increase the sense of trust between car owners and passengers.

After didi platform uses the blockchain technology, the passenger’s identity information, vehicle owner’s identity information, vehicle owner’s license plate number and travel information are packaged in an information block, and are automatically uploaded to the blockchain, so every detail of this transaction is transparent.

2、 Fill in audit gaps

By using the blockchain alliance chain technology, businesses can link the credit system of other platforms to the platform. For example, sesame credit can be used as a reference for car owner registration. For car owners with poor credit, the platform can refuse to register.

If didi uses the blockchain technology, the license plate can be traced back to the source during the user’s audit, that is to say, the license plate can’t be fake, if it’s fake, it can’t pass the audit, and it can’t be traded.

3、 Improve early warning mechanism

Using blockchain, in the transaction process, the driver’s driving route and time can be disclosed, and the design of open nodes can be used to enable the owner, the consumer, the online car Hailing mechanism and the police to have an accurate and detailed grasp of the information.

Didi platform synchronizes this information block and password to the public security system, and monitors the vehicle driving dynamics in real time according to the order information to ensure that the user can close the transaction information after arriving at the destination safely; if the driving obviously deviates from the travel path, the platform can inform the police in case of emergency.

4、 Strengthen privacy protection

The encryption feature of blockchain can encrypt the information of both the owner and the passenger to protect the personal information of the passenger; in order to solve the privacy protection problem, we can use some new zero knowledge proof or similar anonymous technology, in this case, without checking the private key of the outsider, we can’t get the information of the passenger and the driver.

Obviously,In a sense, blockchain technology is a kind of protection for human beings. Even if it can not prevent the occurrence of security problems, it can reduce the occurrence of security problems.Therefore, the integration of the block chain technology in the car Hailing system can reduce the occurrence of accidents, which is a protection line in the car Hailing market?