Guan Xuan: element UI for Vue 3.0 is coming!



Element plus, the first component library reconstructed with typescript + Vue 3.0 composition API, has been released~

On March 13, 2016, element was born quietly. After four years of trials and hardships, we have grown from an internal business component library to one of the most popular UI component libraries in Vue ecology.

At the time of writing, element has48200GitHub star, NPM Downloads95Ten thousand times per month. Thanks to the participation of over 530 community contributors, we have completed 4400 commit update iterations with us.

Guan Xuan: element UI for Vue 3.0 is coming!

*Element development team 40000 GitHub star celebration

Element Plus for Vue 3.0

In 2020, with the continuous improvement and release of Vue 3.0, we will also devote ourselves to the upgrade and adaptation of element to Vue 3.0. After a total of 23 alpha iterations in six months, the beta version of element plus for Vue 3.0 is officially released today!…

The large-scale upgrade of Vue 3.0 is also a good opportunity for the ecological component library to get rid of the historical burden and move forward. We have made a bold and in-depth reconstruction of the element.

Guan Xuan: element UI for Vue 3.0 is coming!

Element plus for Vue 3.0 is a new project refactored with typescript + composition API. We rewrite almost every line of element code and present the most perfect element in the most Vue 3 way

  • Use typescript development to provide a complete type definition file
  • Use Vue 3.0 composition API to reduce coupling and simplify logic
  • Using new features of Vue 3.0 teleport to reconstruct mount class components
  • Using lerna to maintain and manage projects
  • Using a lighter and more versatile time and date solution Day.js
  • Upgrade and adapt to popperjs, async validator and other core dependencies
  • Improve 52 kinds of international language support

In addition, there are:

  • New vision*
  • Optimized component API
  • More customization options
  • More detailed and friendly documentation

Q: What is the relationship between element plus and element UI? Why another new project?

Just asvue-nextForvueAlthough a 100% refactoring solves many problems left over by history, it also inevitably introduces some new bugs and problems. The independent issue and PR area can reduce the mental cost of people’s use and feedback, and it is more convenient for us to locate problems and maintain iterations in parallel.

Element will stay with Vue 2.x

For Vue 3.0, we recommend using Element Plus from the same team

For details, please refer to readme of element …

Q: Can old element projects be smoothly upgraded to Vue 3.0 + element plus?

Because Vue 3.0 upgrade introduces some API adjustments, it is inevitable to make some changes in the upgrade of old projects. But we strive to make the change content controllable, and only need a little adjustment to complete the project upgrade. In future Vue 3.0 projects, we are still familiar with the formula and taste of element.

Q: Will element UI be maintained?

Of course! (and it has been released in normal iterations.)

Every time we see similar worries in the community, it is a spur to us. As a responsible open source project, it is bound to live up to everyone’s expectations. With the increase of users, the pressure on the shoulders is also increasing. I hope you can really reduce the burden and improve the efficiency of project development by using element. In this way, we work more overtime, and everyone leaves work early. Thinking of this, I feel that the red scarf on our chest is more colorful.

Let’s get started

There are many ways to experience element plus for Vue 3.0

  • Manual installationnpm install element-plusFor details, please refer to the installation guide on the official website
  • Download ﹣ webpack ﹣ direct operation experience
  • Taste the most cool vite scaffolding
  • Introduced through the Vue cli plug-in

What’s Next for Element Plus?

  • A major visual update
  • Two new components under development
  • Visit faster, more powerful official website

Do you like element plus? How about a star ❤️ Support and encourage us~

Thank you for your attention to element over the past four years. It’s your support that makes element continuously improve and strive to be the best. We will not forget the original intention of open source and feed back the community. In the future, we will be more open to the community. You who love open source are welcome to improve element plus with us—— We believe that the maintenance of open source community depends not only on a team or a company, but also on all the friends who love open source, have open source spirit and are keen on sharing and communicating.

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Guan Xuan: element UI for Vue 3.0 is coming!

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