Grpc+protobuf learning notes III. go compile and run with docker


Written by dockerfile

#The packaging dependency phase uses golang as the basic image
FROM golang:1.14 as builder


#Enable go module
    GOPROXY=,direct \
    GOOS=linux \

Run git clone this is the githu address

##Switch to the corresponding directory go build
RUN cd /app/image-merge_grpc && go build /app/image-merge_grpc

##Basic image supporting Chinese Alpine
FROM frolvlad/alpine-glibc:alpine-3.11_glibc-2.30


#Copy all files in the app folder of the previous stage
COPY --from=builder  /app .
#Copy the time zone file. I don't know if the Chinese Alpine image is available. It needs to be tested 
COPY --from=builder  /usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Shanghai /etc/localtime

##To prevent the code from reporting an error when requesting HTTPS links, we need to include the certificate in the scratch
COPY --from=builder /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt /etc/ssl/cert

EXPOSE 50054

WORKDIR /app/image-merge_grpc

ENTRYPOINT ["./imageMerge"]

docker-compose. Written by YML

version: '3'
    container_ name: go_ images_ Merge \
    build: ./ docker/go_ image_ Merge \dockerfile directory
    image: go_ images_ Merge:v1.0.3 \\image name
    Restart: always \
      - "50054:50054"

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