Grpc+protobuf learning notes I. Preface


Back to earth for a raiseGrpc+protobuf learning notes I. Preface
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Introduction to grpc

  1. RPC framework based on http2.0 protocol
  2. Multilingual support
  3. Defining services based on protobuf

PHP needs to install extensions

Introduction to protobuf

  1. Compared with XML and JSON formats, protobuf is smaller, faster, more convenient and has high transmission performance
  2. Multilingual support

When using protobuf’s tool protoc, you need to install the PHP extension package

For PHP, there are several problems:

  1. Grpc+protobuf can only be used as a client and not a server for PHP
  2. PHP extensions (grpc) and composer packages (grpc and protobuf) need to be installed
  3. The grpc code generated by protocol for PHP requires protocol to install the extension, and windows cannot implement it
  4. Due to the strong type differences of other languages, the parameters during transmission are basically implemented through class methods, and the classes generated by protobuf are converted

It is convenient for go, and there is nothing complicatedGrpc+protobuf learning notes I. PrefaceGrpc+protobuf learning notes I. Preface

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