Gridea v0.9.0 yes, blogging is back


Gridea v0.9.0 yes, blogging is back

Yes, blogging is back
——From a friend who uses gridea

Gridea v0.9.0 yes, blogging is back

Here is the release log of gridea v0.9.0. If you haven’t heard of it, you might as well click the link below to find out!

Gridea – a static blogging client

In this update, we addedSFTP deployment(wish success), added a series of new functions and strengthened the ability of custom theme, expanded more possibilities.

If you want to taste it immediately, you can download it from gridea. But if you want to know what’s updated, read on

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⚠️ Note: if you have manually placed files or folders into the post build folder (output folder) before, please see the upgrade instructions. If not, you can upgrade directly

Upgrade instructions:
The static folder that needs to be manually copied to the blog source folder (if you don’t have this folder, you can create a new one, which will be automatically generated when the new version is used; if you need static files, you can put it in this folder, and you can directly copy it to the output folder when you build it)

Lazy people directory

  • newly addedSFTP deployment
  • newly addedSticky Posts function
  • Custom configuration supportpictureTypes andarrayType, increaseArticle data cardtype
  • customArchive path prefix
  • Article page and tab supportStreamliningURL and default URL
  • newly addedMenu dragsort
  • supportCustom template renderingFor details, see the gridea document
  • newly addedDefault 404 page
  • Fix the bug that changing the case of an article URL will delete the article
  • Fix the bug that carriage return will not scroll after the editor exceeds one screen
  • Fix the bug of detecting remote link failure when Linux (Ubuntu) initializes configuration
  • In the articleImages support lazy loading(lazy loading based on chrome)
  • Upgrade electron to 7. X
  • The tab supports rendering list to hide articles(break change⚠️
  • Add preview call shortcut (Ctrl + P)
  • optimizationEditor text theme colorAndFont display in Windows
  • Add render process error log pop-up window
  • Add in application notification system

There are too many updated contents. Just choose a few and talk about them.

SFTP deployment, wish success

For small partners with their own server, you can use their own server to deploy the site! Provide a sample screenshot of configuration for reference.
Gridea v0.9.0 yes, blogging is back

Article top, manual recommendation

Added the top function of the article, after the top, the article will be displayed in the article list page first, at the same time, it can cooperate with the development of the articleisTopField to enrich the theme style, such as adding a small mark of top.
Gridea v0.9.0 yes, blogging is back

Support user-defined template rendering, support image type and array type, add article data card type

What are the usage scenarios of these updates? For example:

  • If the theme has image type resources, such as sidebar background image, top background image, etc., if you want to replace them before, you need to find the corresponding resource folder manually, and then replace them manually. Now you can directly provide the custom configuration of replacement for the theme

Gridea v0.9.0 yes, blogging is back

  • Create a separate friend chain page. Create a custom templatefriends.ejs, and then with the custom configuration of array type. Here is an example of a custom document page.

Gridea v0.9.0 yes, blogging is back
Careful you must have found that there is an article data card. Yes, you can use the card to provide the choice of the URL of the article data.

For more information about theme customization, please see the document:

New default 404 page

When a new version of gridea is used for deployment, a404.htmlIf you want to customize, you can use the custom template404.ejsOr direct modificationstatic/404.htmlThat’s it.

In addition, the UI details of many applications have been updated. You can download them

Write it at the back

With so many updates, in order to let you get back the strength of blogging, or in this fast and short social era, you can have an independent place, a place of your own to record some content. Can let own sound not along with each kind of information flow but elapses.

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