Great! Recommend a web automation artifact – automa!


1. Preface

Hello, I’m Ango!

Many excellent web automation tools have been recommended before, such as selenium, helium, cypress, pyppeeer, etc

The premise of using them to realize automation is to install dependencies, download browser drivers, and master a certain coding basis

Is there a tool for zero basic coding and low code that can help us complete the automation of the web side?

This article will introduce another automation tool, automa

2. Automa   introduce

Automa is a chrome plug-in, which can complete a series of automatic operations for Chrome browser, and can perform repetitive tasks, web page screenshots, data crawlers and other functions

Project address:…

Plug in address:…

be similar to   Node Red   Industrial visual process tool, automa   Complete UI automation by dragging and dropping the build process

3. Function introduction

After installing the automa plug-in, open the plug-in to enter the home page

Great! Recommend a web automation artifact - automa!

The home page will display the automation project list and operation log. You can enter the workflow tab from the left sidebar

The upper right corner provides two entries: import workflow and new workflow

After creating a project, you will enter the workflow editing page, which is used to build an automated process; The left area is the operation area and the right area is the main process construction area

Great! Recommend a web automation artifact - automa!

Automa provides four types of operations:

  • General operations: trigger, delay, export data (JSON / CSV / plain text), repeat task, repeat task
  • Browser operations: active tab, new tab, go back, go forward, close tab, take screenshot
  • Web element operations: click element click, get text, scroll element scroll, link link, attribute value element attribute value, forms submission form, JS script execution, trigger event
  • Condition operation: condition judgment, element exists

It should be noted that automa also provides the function of selecting and locating web page elements. Just click the   Element Selector  」 Icon, and then select the target control, and the selector of the control will be displayed in the lower left corner

PS: in addition   Automa   The plug-in also provides the function of quickly obtaining the selector of parent element and child element

Great! Recommend a web automation artifact - automa!

4. Practice

Let’s talk about how to use Baidu   Automa

First, create a project

At this time, the main operation area will contain an operation ”   Trigger  」, As a   Start node  」, The default execution method is manual, that is, manual

PS: it can also be configured as interval execution, regular execution, triggering by accessing a website, running through user-defined shortcut keys, etc

Then, from the operation area on the left, select   New Tab  」 Drag the operation to the editing area on the right and connect it through the connecting line   Start node  」

Edit this node and enter the address of the target website:

Add a condition operation node   Element exists  」, Take the existence of Baidu search input box element as the execution condition

Great! Recommend a web automation artifact - automa!

Next, click   Forms  」 Enter the content into the input box and use the   Click element  」 Operation simulation click the search button

Great! Recommend a web automation artifact - automa!

Finally, use the   Delay  」 The operation simulation stays on the page for 0.5s, using   Take screenshot  」 Capture web page pictures

The complete automation flow chart is as follows:

PS: the workflow file is provided at the end of the paper. If necessary, small partners can directly import the test

Great! Recommend a web automation artifact - automa!

5. Finally

The above describes the complete process used by automa through a simple automation operation

The operations provided by automa are   Web automation can basically meet the actual work requirements. In addition, you can drag “in the workflow   JavaScript  」 Operation to complete some complex automation scenarios

I have uploaded the instance process file mentioned in the article to the background and replied with the keyword ”   Automa “is available

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