Graphics and text method of configuring Notepad + + integrated GCC compiling environment under Windows


Operating system: windows10

Notepad + + download

Software name:
Text (code) editor (Notepad + +) 64 bit v7.8.5 multilingual Chinese installation version
Software size:
2020-04-08Download now Download: (the packaged gcc compiler can be used after decompression. Not necessarily Download the installation package for installation, because the network is unstable and cumbersome, the method will be discussed separately.)

Software name:
Gcc compiler for win10 / 8 / 7 environment
Software size:
2020-04-29Download now

1.1 decompression To a disk directory, for example, extract to C: \ prog \ GCC


1.2 enter bin directory, copy directory, and then add environment variable (copy C: \ prog \ GCC \ bin)


1.3 desktop – this computer – right click – properties – advanced system settings –


1.4. Add GCC execution directory to environment variable path:

1.5 add the execution directory of gcc compiler

1.6. In the same way, copy C: \ prog \ GCC \ include directory and create a new C_ INCLUDE_ Add path, copy the directory C: \ prog \ GCC \ lib, create a new library_ Path add

1.7 confirm to save and exit

2.1. Desktop – Windows start – right click –


2.2. Execute gcc-v to view the GCC version attribute, that is, the installation is available (win8, especially win7, may need to restart the system before refreshing the environment variables to view the GCC version)


3.1. Install Notepad + + software: run Notepad 64_ (download by yourself) for installation. As for ordinary software installation, pay attention to the difference between installation directory, desktop shortcut and 32bit / 64bit software. Here is 64bit software. If PC is 32bit system, Download 32bit Notepad++

3.2. Open the Notepad + + editor and add the compile and run instructions:

Enter software – menu bar – run – run –

3.3. Fill in:


3.4. Click Save – enter the command name GCC / compile (optional) – configure shortcut key (optional, here is Ctrl + Shift + C, which can be flexibly configured according to the habit. Be careful not to conflict with the default shortcut key of the software. If there is a conflict, the lower left corner will prompt). Select OK to confirm


3.5 re input during operation:


Click Save – enter the command name run – configure shortcut key (here is Ctrl + Shift + V) – click OK to confirm exit

4. Write, compile and run the C language using the C language development environment of the built Notepad + + editor and gcc compiler:

4.1. Prepare c program


4.2. Save the program to the desktop as main. C. note that there is no space in the file name

4.3. Ctrl + Shift + C shortcut key compiler

4.4. Ctrl + Shift + V shortcut key to run the program

4.5 compilation steps of the program after: save compile run (be sure to save first, then compile, and then run)

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