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What is HTTP?

HTTP is the abbreviation of hypertext transfer protocol;

HTTP has been widely used on WWW since 1990, and it is the most widely used protocol on WWW nowadays;

When you browse the web, the data will be sent and received on the Internet through HTTP between the browser and the web server.

What are the features of HTTP?

  • Support client / server mode;
  • Simple and fast: when the client requests service from the server, it only needs to transfer the request method and path;
  • Flexible: http allows the transmission of any type of data objects;
  • No connection: the server will disconnect the link after processing the client’s request and receiving the response;
  • Stateless: stateless means that the protocol has no memory ability to deal with things.

As a programmer, HTTP is one of the things you must know and know, so there are always related problems in the interview. Although I see you every day, many people may not be able to answer the relevant questions without active preparation. Recently, many friends also asked me for some HTTP related information, so I rummaged through the cabinet and found this very classic e-book, illustrated http.


This book uses 172 pictures to guide readers to HTTP easily. The author’s writing technique is plain and easy to understand, and the content is explained thoroughly. The first half of the article explains the development history of HTTP, explains the communication process based on HTTP 1.1 standard, and explains the role of proxy, gateway and tunnel in HTTP communication process. The author also gives examples from the details, so that readers can better understand what stateless, caching mechanism and so on.

Graphical http.pdf

The second half of the book focuses on Web security, covering HTTPS, SSL, certificate authentication, encryption mechanism, Web attack means and so on. The purpose of this paper is to let readers form an overall concept of HTTP protocol, clarify the purpose and significance of HTTP design, and understand the working mechanism of HTTP.

Graphical http.pdf

Most of all, the book is full of interesting pictures. It’s easy to read and not tired at all.

Graphical http.pdf

How to get it?

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  2. Reply to key words in the background of official account.6666

Graphical http.pdf

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