Gospel to teachers! An open source video conference tutoring tool


[introduction]: nettu meet is an open source video conferencing web application for interactive online tutoring.

brief introduction

Nettu meet is an open source video conference system, which mainly supports real-time video conference, screen, whiteboard, file sharing, text message chat, mathematical graphics painting and other functions:

  • Audio and video: share audio and video in real time.
  • Shared whiteboard: collaborate with students on the shared whiteboard.
  • Shared screen: enter the presentation mode through the shared screen.
  • Chat: send simple messages to other attendees.
  • File sharing: upload relevant files to the meeting.
  • Plotter: supports inserting mathematical charts on whiteboard.
  • Customizable: support to create an account and upload your own logo.

Gospel to teachers! An open source video conference tutoring tool

The project address is:



  • Create a server-side application running node.js on one side:
$ cd server
#Copy the. Env.template file and modify it if necessary
$ cp integrations/.env.template integrations/.env
#Use docker compose to start redis and mongodb 
$ npm run infra
#Installation service dependency
$ npm i
#Start service
$ npm start
  • Create and run a browser application on the other side:
$ cd frontend
$ npm i
$ npm start
  • Create meeting:
#The request response returns to the conference entry point
$ curl -X POST "http://localhost:5000/api/v1/meeting" -H  "authorization: nettu_meet_default_secret" -H  "Content-Type: application/json" -d "{  \"title\": \"First Nettu Meet meeting\"}"

Gospel to teachers! An open source video conference tutoring tool


That’s all for nettu meet. Let’s go and experience it quickly!

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