Google image site collection teaches you how to use Google search


In a special place and a special time, smooth opening a website has become so difficult.

This article will maintain and update from time to time, delete those that cannot be used, and add new available URLs. Welcome to Ctrl + D collection. Some of the problems in the list may be caused by DNS pollution. Please refer to the article “Introduction to DNS hijacking DNS pollution and public DNS recommendation” to try to solve them. Don’t ask without trying, thank you!

The following image stationsoriginal editionNot original. The non original interface has some changes, and the search results may be the same as the original to some extent.

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Original webpage: [final test: December 28, 2015]


Non original webpage: [final test: December 28, 2015]

[recommend]Micro search:
[recommend]Google 363:
[recommend]Turing search:
G search:
Google Bitches:
Meatballs 138:
Millet flour 138:
Meatballs 163:
Millet flour 163:

Google academic: [final test: December 28, 2015]


Google pictures: [last test: December 28, 2015]