Good news! Meituan Tsinghua big data course is open to the outside world!


Class begins

After one year’s precipitation and polishing, the graduate credit course “business application and practice of big data technology“, jointly opened by meituan technical team and the Department of electronics of Tsinghua University, landed at Tsinghua University for the second time and officially opened on September 24.

The course site was very popular, and the 116 person ladder classroom was full. The selected students came from 29 Departments of Tsinghua University, including the Department of electronics, the Department of computer science and the Department of automation. There were many students who didn’t choose the class, and more than a dozen students sat in the aisle and insisted on listening.

Let’s first feel the warm atmosphere of the course:

Good news! Meituan Tsinghua big data course is open to the outside world!

In terms of content, combined with the current application trend of big data technology, 3 class hours of meituan knowledge map have been added this year. At the same time, in order to strengthen the students’ practical ability, courses and practical assignments will be added in the basic technology of big data platform this year. In addition, the course plan is open to more colleges and universities, so that more students interested in big data can gain something and feel the charm of meituan big data.

A total of 10 lecturers from Tsinghua University and meituan participated in the development and teaching of the course “business application and practice of big data technology”. The course will take big data acquisition, storage, analysis and mining technology as a clue, combined with the business application and practice of big data in meituan, through the combination of classroom theoretical teaching, business application and case introduction, and the course project based on practical system, Help students fully understand and master big data technology and its practical application.

Good news! Meituan Tsinghua big data course is open to the outside world!

Online course broadcast arrangement

Students who can’t come to the scene need not regret. This year’s business application and practice of big data technology course will be open to all students through online video! In addition, a question and answer session was specially opened for the students attending the class.

Good news! Meituan Tsinghua big data course is open to the outside world!

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Tsinghua Lecture 1

In the first lecture of the course, Li Yong, associate professor and doctoral supervisor of the Department of electronic engineering of Tsinghua University, introduced the overall situation of the course and introduction to big data. Mr. Li Yong said: “the big data course is taught in schools, but the practice and application are in enterprises. As the banner enterprise of the current Internet, meituan has good experience and achievements in the construction and application of big data. This big data course has carried out some iterations on the basis of last year, hoping to bring you more harvest this year.”

Then, Zhang Jinmao, chief scientist of meituan and head of basic R & D platform, introduced the application of big data and algorithm technology in meituan. Jinmao successively shared the panorama of meituan’s business and the reasons for meituan’s being a big data technology company, described the growth history of big data technology in industry and its typical application in meituan with interest, and explained some big data problems in practical application in industry. Finally, Jin Mao introduced the technical team related to meituan’s big data and algorithms. Students are welcome to join meituan to jointly solve problems that are both challenging and of great business value in business.

Good news! Meituan Tsinghua big data course is open to the outside world!

Jin Mao said:

  • As China’s leading e-commerce platform for life services, our services cover more than 200 categories, such as catering, takeout, taxi, bike sharing, hotel tourism, film, leisure and entertainment, which can be said to be very comprehensive. The technology field we cover can also be said to be one of the most complete Internet companies. Meituan is a company that hopes to use technology to make everyone eat better. Therefore, although meituan is mentioned in everyone’s mind, the first key word is takeout, meituan is a technology company and a high-tech technology company.
  • What is big data technology? In fact, there is no special standard academic definition. It seems that big data technology is not a technology that can be explained clearly or theorized at once. My thinking conclusion is that big data technology is a bit like oil and electricity in the industrial age. In fact, these are basic things that can be combined with many things and can be widely used. It will have great commercial value to the upper level, which is not only difficult to define big data technology, but also valuable.
  • At the beginning of its establishment, meituan has three teams, front-end, back-end and data. Therefore, meituan gene attaches great importance to data and hopes that data is one of our core competitiveness. Meituan has very rich scenes. At the same time, we also think we are a company that needs technology to help everyone eat better and live better. Therefore, we also have a wide range of investment and applications in AI, including image vision, voice, intelligent interaction, natural language processing, knowledge map, intelligent scheduling, unmanned vehicle and UAV. Moreover, our technologies are also very close to the actual business scenario of meituan.

Meituan scientific research cooperation

Meituan scientific research cooperation is committed to building a bridge and platform for cooperation between meituan departments and universities, scientific research institutions and think tanks. Relying on meituan’s rich business scenarios, data resources and real industrial problems, meituan is open and innovative, gathers upward forces, and focuses on the fields of artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of things, unmanned driving, operational research optimization, digital economy, public policy and so on, Jointly explore the macro issues of cutting-edge science and technology and industrial focus, promote the cooperation and exchange of industry, University and research and the transformation of achievements, and promote the cultivation of excellent talents.

If your scientific research team hopes to cooperate with meituan in scientific research cooperation, talent training and academic exchange, please write to meituan [email protected]

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Good news! Meituan Tsinghua big data course is open to the outside world!