Good luck! Cross blind box game you can’t miss at the beginning of the year


Good luck! Cross blind box game you can't miss at the beginning of the year
Good luck! Cross blind box game you can't miss at the beginning of the year

Hello, everyone. Today is the seventh day of the Lunar New Year and a good day for construction. So far, cross has 250000 user addresses. The development of cross, a decentralized NFT distribution and auction platform built with the support of cybervein foundation, is also ongoing. In the first quarter, in addition to opening b-end enterprise entrance, NFT partition and other functions, the blind box game will be officially launched on February 26.

1. Introduction to blind box
The cross blind box game will be held once every two weeks. Four NFT works will be launched in each issue. Each work is a blind box, and only one work contains additional awards. Cybervein foundation will provide CVT of no less than 0.5btc equivalent in each issue as a reward attached to the blind box, so as to superimpose cross liquidity and financial attributes. The first phase will start on February 26.

2. Blind box play
Log in to the blind box zone of cross platform and bid for any NFT works currently under auction. The auction mode adopts Vickery auction, which can also be called blind auction. The difference is that the price that the winner needs to pay is higher than the starting price, which can maximize the reasonable internal value of the auction. After winning NFT works, successful users can choose to auction again within the specified time, or open the blind box to see whether they have won the prize.

3. Blind box rule
The first phase of the blind box game launched on February 26 will officially launch the auction of four NFT works with a bidding time of 4 hours at 10:00 (UTC + 8) on the same day. The winner can choose the second auction or open the NFT blind box within 1 hour – if the second auction is selected, the seller can set the auction amount and time (the auction time must end before 09:30 on February 27); If you choose to open the blind box, if the winning game ends, if there is no winning, the winning probability of the other three works will increase, and the value of the three NFT works will become higher and higher. If the NFT blind box is not opened, the Cross official system will automatically open the blind box at 10:00 on February 27 and announce the address of obtaining 0.5 BTC equivalent CVT.
Good luck! Cross blind box game you can't miss at the beginning of the year

4. Blind box revenue

1. Players who successfully bid but do not win the blind box award can obtain NFT works equivalent to the price;

2. Players who win the blind box award after successful bidding can obtain NFT works equivalent to the price + CVT equivalent to 0.5 BTCs;

3. The proceeds from NFT’s works are obtained by artists, and 10% of the proceeds from the auction will be donated to charities at home and abroad as charity purposes;

4. Cross only collects 2% of the income as the handling fee, and will also invest the handling fee into the artist support plan.

5. Blind box cooperation

Chi Lei, a well-known NFT artist, will design different NFTs for the year of the ox in China according to the brand elements of cross’s partners. Cross’s joint cooperation institutions in the blockchain field include Huobi eco chain, MXC, poloniex, Tron, cointegraph, bitget, picture network, planet daily, etc.

6. Significance of blind box

A long time ago, because bubble Mart led the trend of blind box, it benchmarked the form of NFT + blind box, hoping to reproduce the playing method of blind box on NFT works. Indeed, the blind box play method plays a icing on the cake role in the whole platform or project. Collectors really pay attention to the scarcity, internal value, IP blessing, wealth effect, innovation and other characteristics of NFT. It is these characteristics that can make NFT come into people’s vision. In the cross blind box game, with the rhythm that the blind box is not opened, the value given by NFT will accumulate higher and higher.

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