Gomanysh of go operation and maintenance platform



Go operation and maintenance platform, supporting 10000 hosts to execute scripts simultaneously

Project address https://github.com/phpcode007…

usage method

1. Download gomanysh to any directory

2. Create one in the same directory of gomanysh ip.txt There are three types of file formats, such as  22  root  123456  22  root  key  22  root  key      abcdef

  IP port user name and password   
  IP port user name key (the certificate is written as key) certificate without password is not required
  IP port user name key (certificate written as key) certificate password

  Note: if you use a certificate, change the name of the certificate to ID_ RSA, and put it in the same directory as gomanysh

3. Execute the command, – C is followed by the command to be executed

  ./gomanyssh -c date

4. If you want to transfer the script to the remote host before executing, the steps are as follows:

  ./gomanyssh -s 1.sh -d /tmp

5. Execute the remote host script again

  ./gomanyssh -c /tmp/1.sh

There is nothing else. Ten thousand hosts perform tasks concurrently. You can use ulimit-n 102400 to set the number of open files a little larger.

Any comments, bug, ideas, welcome to exchange