Gold tea king voting system for the success case of crudapi adding, deleting, modifying and checking interface zero code products


Gold tea king voting system for the success case of crudapi adding, deleting, modifying and checking interface zero code products

brief introduction

In 2020, due to the epidemic, the golden tea king voting activity will be changed to online cloud voting, so a voting system is needed for the competition. The participants include two types, namely restaurants and masters. Voting is conducted through the WeChat official account page. In order to prevent cheating, each person can vote for 3 masters and 3 restaurants a day, and the voting duration is one week, and finally the ranking is based on the number of votes.

UI interface prototype


Technical framework

The project adopts the method of front-end and back-end separation. The database adopts mysql, the back-end API adopts java + spring boot, and the front-end H5 adopts Vue + quasar. Because the business logic of the project is mainly crud addition, deletion, modification and query of basic forms, it is very suitable for secondary development with CRUD API. The restful API and background management web are realized through configuration, and the front-end H5 page can be customized and developed separately.

database form

The main business forms include candidates (including Masters and restaurants), competition areas, voting activities, activity registration, voting records, etc

Establish table association between different tables

The candidate table is shared by the chef and the restaurant. It is distinguished according to the type field. Restaurant represents the restaurant and chef represents the chef.

Voting record votelog table, through the uniqueness index UQ_ vote_ log_ Token limit ticket swiping

Including design forms and configuration, the workload is about an hour.

Backend API

After the form and table relationship are configured, the corresponding crud addition, deletion, modification and query restful API will be automatically generated. The backend has basically completed 80% of the workload, and then integrated wechat automatic login and Alibaba cloud OSS image upload. The remaining work will be completed within 2 days,

Background management web

It is mainly used by administrators to edit restaurant and chef information, view voting results and export data. The default page of crudapi has basically met the requirements.

Front end H5

Custom development, 15 working days to complete development and testing.


This paper mainly introduces the golden tea king voting system, which uses crud API to add, delete, change and check interface zero code products for secondary development, which saves a lot of time, with a total development time of 18 people and days. Finally, the task was completed on time and with high quality, and the 2020 international Golden Tea King competition was a complete success.

name Adopt framework type time
Java API crudapi Java SDK integration 3 days
Background management web crudapi-admin-web Direct use products 0 days
Front end H5 Vue + Quasar customized 15 days

Crudapi products attached

brief introduction

Crud API is a combination of crud + API, which means the interface for adding, deleting, modifying and querying. It is a zero code configurable product. Using crud API can bid farewell to the boring addition, deletion, modification and query code, make you more focused on business, save a lot of costs, and improve work efficiency.
The crud API’s goal is to make it easier to process data, and everyone can use it for free!
Without programming, crud is automatically generated through configuration, and restful API is added, deleted, modified and queried to provide background UI management business data. Based on the mainstream open source framework, it has independent intellectual property rights and supports secondary development.

Demo demo

Crud API is a product level zero code platform, which is different from automatic code generator. It does not need to generate business codes such as controller, service, repository and entity. The program can be used when running. The real 0 code can cover the basic crud restful API irrelevant to the business.

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