Golang custom error


The error processing of the system itself is generally errors. New() or FMT. Errorf(), etc., which is not very friendly to those that need complex display. We can extend the error.

Error is defined as an interface type in the standard library, which has only one error () method

type error interface {
  Error() string

So, as long as the user-defined error has the error () method, it implements the error interface. Here we use the structure to extend

package errors

import (

type Err struct {
    Code int
    Msg   string

func (e *Err) Error() string {
    err, _ := json.Marshal(e)
    return string(err)

func New(code int, msg string) *Err {
    return &Err{
        Code: code,
        Msg:   msg,


func main(){
    Fmt.println (errors.new (401, "no permission")

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