GoAccess Visualizes Access. Log Log


1. Installing GoAccess tools can be used directly

apt-get install goaccess

2. Use the goaccess command to generate HTML files from logs

Goaccess log path-o path to output HTML--real-time-html--time-format="%H:%M:%S"--date-format="%d/%b/%Y"--log-format=COMBINED

Real-time-html represents real-time display log content


– date-format

Log-format for specifying log string format

After the command is executed, a websocket service is opened to update the log data in real time.

3. Build a web service for the generated HTML file, such as configuring a service using nginx

server {
                listen       8080;
                server_name  localhost;
                access_log logs/proxy.access.log proxy;
                location /report.html{
                        alias /home/wwwroot/goaccess/report.html;


Then visit http://ip:8080 as shown below.

So far, the graphical completion of log data, more ways to use, please visit the official website

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