[go] use protobuf for serialization and deserialization


Define the message type first


syntax = "proto2";
package message;
message Orders {
required int32 order_id=1;
required string title=2;

Create a directory in gopath, compile the message type and output it to the directory. The package name is message

mkdir $GOPATH/src/message;protoc --go_out $GOPATH/src/message orders.proto 

Write go file to serialize and deserialize the type structure data in the package just generated

package main

import "message"

import "github.com/golang/protobuf/proto"

import "fmt"

func main() {
    orders := &message.Orders{
        OrderId: proto.Int32(1),
        Title:    proto.String (the "first order"),
    //Serialization into binary data
    ordersBytes, _ := proto.Marshal(orders)
    //Deserializing binary data
    twoOrders := &message.Orders{}
    proto.Unmarshal(ordersBytes, twoOrders)


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