Go learning notes map (Dictionary)


1. Declaration assignment:

var m1 map[string]int
m1 = map[string]int{"name":1, "xxx":2}
be equal to
m1 := make(map[string]int)
be equal to
m1 := map[string]int{}
//m2 := map[string]interface{}{}

2. Map is a reference type

m2 := m1
m2["age"] = 18
//Results of M1: Map[ age:18 name 1 xxx:2 ]

3. Determine whether the map value exists

  • OK, it’s bool
    _, ok := map1[key1]
    //Or with if
    if _, ok := map1[key1]; ok {


    Delete (map, key1) // if key1 does not exist, the operation will not generate an error.

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