[go language series] third party framework and Library — gin: introduction to gin


1. What is gin?

Gin is an HTTP web framework written in go (golang). It is an API framework similar to Martini but with better performance, which is nearly 40 times faster due to httprouter. If you need excellent performance, use gin.

2. Why use gin

In web development, developers often need to use a specific framework for development and maintenance, and the open source framework gin is the most popular web framework in go language. Its API calls are convenient and its performance is superior. It occupies a very important position in web development.
Web development based on gin framework can not only enjoy the benefits brought by the framework encapsulation, but also because gin framework is a lightweight framework, it can be easily developed and integrated according to the actual needs, such as adding log, link tracking, traffic control and other functions, so it has become the first choice for many companies in web development.
Like bilibilibili’s open source go microservice framework Kratos uses the gin framework for secondary development, adding log, bug tracking, grpc and other functions. Its own site also uses a similar architecture for development. In go language, gin framework is very advanced in performance and popularity among similar frameworks.

3. Gin’s project address

Home page: https://github.com/gin-gonic
example: https://github.com/gin-gonic/examples
Chinese documents: https://gin-gonic.com/zh-cn/docs/

4. What other web frameworks are there

Popularity index


learning curve


Frame comparison

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