Go language development environment construction process graphic explanation


I Go language development kit

1. What is go language development kit

Go language development kit is actually an implementation of go language, including the corresponding version of syntax, compilation, operation, garbage collection, etc. it contains the standard library, runtime and other necessary resources needed to develop go language

2. Go language development package download address

Go official download address: https://golang.org/dl/

Go official image station (this can be used if it cannot be opened): https://golang.google.cn/dl/

Go language Chinese website download address: https://studygolang.com/dl

goproxy. IO agent download address: https://gomirrors.org/

3. Install the selected version (I’ll use windows to demonstrate here)


Install a more stable version


Double click to open the finish installation wizard








II Configure environment variables

Use the search tool to search for environment variables (win10)

Or (this computer – > right click Properties – > advanced system settings)


Select advanced and then environment variables


Create gopath



Step by step after addingClick OK

PS: before go version 1.8GOPATHThe environment variable is empty after installation. You need to add it manually, but you don’t need to add it manually in later versions. There will be a default value after installation. The default values for different platforms are also not used. The default values for windows platforms are%USERPROFILE%/go


The default value is windows% userprofile% / gounix $home / go. Use CMD to verify whether the environment variable is set successfully


Create three folders under the directory you just added to the environment variable (to place different files)


Finally, we willGOPATHandGOROOTAdd the bin directory under to the environment variable (step omitted), and then restart the terminal


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