[go] go language actual combat – realize Title flicker


In the process of implementing the customer service system, the title bar will flash when there is a new message

Because the chat box is the page that is entered by the iframe box, after receiving the websocket message in the chat box, the message should be sent to the parent page, and the title will flash in the parent page




Test page address:




The implementation of sending the child page to the parent page is to add message listening in the parent page and send messages to the child page



The parent page receives the message and calls the function, and the title is constantly switched

    var msg=e.data;
        Flashtitle(); // Title flashes
var titleTimer,titleNum=0;
var originTitle = document.title;
function flashTitle() {
    if (titleNum == 3) {
        titleNum = 1;
    if (titleNum == 1) {
        document.title = '【】' + originTitle;
    if (titleNum == 2) {
        document.title  ='[you have a message]' + origintitle;
    titleTimer = setTimeout("flashTitle()", 500);

When you return to the page, the title stops switching

window.onfocus = function () {
    document.title = originTitle;


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