Go daily news — February 19, 2020



  • 1. Use t.cleanup to finish the test https://ieftimov.com/post/testing-in-go-clean-tests-using-t-cleanup/

  • 2. Go programming language specification https://moego.me/golang_ spec.html

  • 3. Select case default https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/zMZXd8DLtjhm06Q0lm1pcg

  • 4. The design and implementation of Minerva in Betta configuration management center https://gocn.vip/topics/9794

  • 5. How does go language work – linker https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/_ 2y7oLfYftRxH8YTEm0qMw

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Go language Chinese website (Daily News)_ 2020-02-19

1、 Go language Chinese network

  1. Code that only runs on my computer: select case default forgets to let out the CPU hole

  2. A guide to deep excavation of go for range

  3. Re learning go series 2020: 05. Detailed data type: array and slice

  4. Comics: different link list ring detection, go language implementation

  5. Implementation principle of kubernetes user mode TCP proxy

2、 Graphic source code

  1. Illustrate the implementation principle of kubernetes resource QoS mechanism

3、 Xinliang notes

  1. Git branch design specification

4、 Rookie Miao

  1. Tips: how to automatically transfer word form to excel

5、 Very programmer

  1. The strategy and limitation of inline in go language

6、 Go night reading

  1. Design and implementation of kubernetes scheduler (issue 76)

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