Gnome 3.17.3 release


GNOME 3.17.3 发布_developpaer

Gnome 3.17.3 release. You can compile this version using jhbuild:  

Or modulesets: 

Improvement Description:

  core – 
  apps – 

Gnome 3.17.3 Download:

core sources – 
  apps sources –

For more information, seeRelease notes

Gnome is a development & desktop environment that supports multiple platforms and can run on GNU / Linux (usually called Linux), Solaris, HP-UX, BSD and Apple’s Darwin systems. Gnome has many powerful features, such as high-quality smooth text rendering, the first internationalization and availability support, and includes support for reverse text (Note: text in some countries is arranged from right to left) .

GNOME 3.17.3 发布_developpaer