Global download report of node.js in 2020


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2020 is a year full of changes and challenges. The download amount of nodesource node.js binary file increases month by month, providing the powerful function of node.js for millions of users around the world.

Nodesource has been packaging and distributing node.js for Linux for seven years. Includes all major and minor versions as well as security updates. We see a huge increase in downloads every year, and 2020 is by far the largest year of downloads. Although we don’t distribute every version of node. JS, most of the downloads in the Linux environment are provided by us.

Have you ever thought about how many people are still using node.js 0.1 and other outdated versions? Hundreds or millions? Which countries and regions have the largest number of node.js downloads? Which is the most popular version and distribution? How many node.js downloads are there per month? Is it increasing or are people turning to other technologies? Come and find out!

In this article, you can find interesting data about global node.js usage in 2020, trends in popular runtimes, Download peaks and usage rates. These popular runtimes can support millions of applications.


First of all, learn what “node.js binary file distribution” is. In short, it is a way to make software (in this case, node. JS) available to the public in compiled form. By default, binary packages allow them to be accessed from repositories that use Debian and El distributions. Make it easier to install, distribute, and uninstall.

In other words, it represents a more efficient way to manage node. JS in a linux environment.

Nodesource is the main distributor of node.js binaries in Linux environment. You can…Repository found in. There are two ways to package files in Linuxrpmanddeb.rpmThe file is mainly used by Fedora, CentOS and RHEL based on RedHat distribution..debThe file is used for Linux distributions derived from Debian (Ubuntu, Linux, mint, etc.).

Node.js version download in 2020

Global download report of node.js in 2020

In 2020, there will be98.9 millionDownload the nodesource node.js binary file twice. As we can see in the figure above, the most downloaded node.js version in RPM format is v 10, with more than 11.7 million downloads. For DEB format, the download volume of V 12 is 17.6 million. This means that compared with RPM users, Deb users tend to update with the latest version.

This is not surprising, because V10 and V12 are both LTS in 2020, but there are still a large number of users downloading outdated versions. The download amount of node.js V0.1 is 65K times. RPM and DEB from V4 to V9 (no longer supported version) are 37.5 million times.

A more complete analysis of the use of unsupported versions can be found below.

In addition, node.js V14 and V15 released in 2020 have 4.1 million and 190 million downloads respectively.

RPM and deb

Global download report of node.js in 2020

With the trend of the market,debBaubirpmBags are more popular. In this case, 62.6% of the downloads aredebAnd 37.4% of the downloads wererpm. Among the four most popular Linux distributions, MX Linux, manjaro and mint are based on Debian, and arch is the last.

This is due to market factors, because rpm is updated every five years, while DEB is updated every year, so DEB is more popular.

Monthly Downloads

Global download report of node.js in 2020

In January 2020, there is a significant gap between the downloads, which are 1.5 million and 7.3 million respectively (the difference is 5.8 million), but by the end of this year (2020), the download volume of RPM has increased sharply, exceeding the download volume of DEB: 6.1 million and 5.5 million respectively.

Note that the growth of RPM packages is mainly due to the presence of mirrors in our CentOS repository (mainly in China) for distributing our packages.

geographical position

By country

Global download report of node.js in 2020

The United States has the most downloads of node.js binary, followed by Germany. Russia, Ireland and France. India ranked 10th with 1.5% of downloads (compared with popular opinion)pollOn the contrary, the rest of the world accounted for 45% of the downloads.

Check out the stackoverflow survey, the main visitors are also from the United States, followed by India, Germany, the United Kingdom and Canada. This shows where most developers are located and where node. JS is used most. North America and Europe are in the lead.

Global download report of node.js in 2020

Through the octoverse survey, we can see the same correlation. The United States is in the leading position, followed by China, Germany, India and Russia.

Global download report of node.js in 2020

By Region

Global download report of node.js in 2020

America had the most downloads, followed by Europe, with 45.4m. America and Europe accounted for 88% of downloads. There are 8.4 million in Asia and 3.6 million in the rest of the world.

If we look at the octoverse survey, the participation rate of Asian users is higher, reaching 30.7%. 65.7% in America and Europe.

Global download report of node.js in 2020

Download of non maintained version

Global download report of node.js in 2020

The supported versions of LTS in 2020 are node.js, V10, V12 and V14, which are recommended versions. These three versions accounted for 55.4% of the downloads, while the unsupported versions accounted for 38% of the downloads. The main reason for this may be that there are still many legacy projects, and migration to a newer version may cause problems. However, it is recommended to always use the LTS version. If you encounter problems during the migration, you can contact theNodesource for legacy application migration

peak value

There is a correlation between version and download peak. A secure version was released on November 16, resulting in a significant increase in downloads (457k) that day.

This is a good habit because it is always recommended to update it to the latest version and deploy a secure release.


  • In 2020, nodesource node.js will be downloaded nearly 100 million times, which is an exciting milestone. We expect growth to continue in 2021.
  • As expected,debDistribution ratiorpmMore distribution downloads.
  • rpmThe most downloaded version is v 10,debIt’s V12.
  • The number of downloads of outdated versions is still surprising (38%) – it’s time to upgrade!
  • Downloads are mainly concentrated in the Americas and Europe (88%), and the sample size is seriously insufficient in some regions, such as Africa and the Middle East.

Nodesource is proud to distribute node.js around the world, and we strongly recommend using itLTS versionTo support and contribute to the node.js ecosystem.

reference resources

Global download report of node.js in 2020

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Global download report of node.js in 2020

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