Gitmaster supports gogs self built git services


After a long silence, gitmaster released v1 Version 16. X adds support for the gogs platform.

If you use gogs everyday and need to browse code online, you can experience gitmaster, which supports not only gogs, but also gitlab, gitee and gitea (close relatives of gogs).


  1. Lower versions of gogs may not be supported, and the official version 0.12.3 or above shall prevail
  2. Only lazy loading mode is supported (at present, the API can only support directory on-demand loading)
  3. The access token must be set unless the site repository is all public (may)

What is gogs

Gogs is an easy to build self-service git service.

Compared with gitlab, gogs is not powerful, but it is lightweight and easy to install.

Easy installation

In addition to downloading binary operation according to the operating system platform, you can also install through docker or vagrant and package management.

Cross platform

Any platform supported by go language can run gogs, including windows, MAC, Linux and arm.


A cheap raspberry pie configuration is sufficient to meet the minimum system hardware requirements of gogs. Some users even run gogs on NAS devices.

What is gitmaster

I believe many people knowOctotree, is aGitHubThe main function is to display the tree structure and file code of the project on the web page.

andGitMasterCore functions andOctotreeIs consistent, but also has its own characteristics.

  • supportGitHubGitLabGiteeGiteaGogs
  • ⅸ support private deployment page, one click mark
  • Dark mode (only)GitHubGist
  • Notification reminder function (only)GitHub
  • ⬇️ Directories and files are downloaded separately
  • Snippet copy

Where to install

Warehouse source code

Welcome to praise~

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