GitHub webhook


Recently, I wrote a small tool to receive GitHub webhook messages to automatically execute scripts on the server


github hook server

A server used to receive webhook

Environmental Science

Golang v1.11 + (because go mod is used)



go get -u

create a filemain.go

package main

import (

func main() {

Execute the order

go build -o app main.go

appThis binary file is the ontology. Put it in a suitable place and execute the following steps:

./app start -d

Start in the background, and the app will be created in the same directoryscripts, logsTwo directories, and onehook.pidSave PID

Check whether to start or not:

[[email protected]]# curl localhost:8080/ping
{"message":"pong v5"}

Indicates that the service has been started successfully. The service address is0.0.0.0:8080


  • interface
  • GitHub webhook request according to Repository.Name To determine what scripts to execute

Available instructions

Reload reloads the log and restarts smoothly
Start command, - D background running
Stop terminate command
Version program version

Directory function:

  • Logs stores the request log
  • Scripts store hook scripts. When a request for the corresponding library name comes in, the configured scripts will be executed
  • Storing process PID

configuration file

    "github_ Hook ": {// to request the  Field to do the key
        "Secret": "XXXXXX", // if the secret is set, it will be used for verification. If it is empty, it will not be verified
        "script_ Path ':', // the absolute directory of the script. If it is empty, it is the current script directory
        "event": {
            "Push": "test" // script for pushing event execution


  • One click initialization
  • Smooth restart, signal communication
  • Support secret verification
  • Execute script asynchronously
  • Avoid replay
  • Script passing parameters (todo)
  • Event hook (todo)

Dependent component

  • HTTP framework
  • Log component logrus
  • Cobra, a command line component

GitHub address


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