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This project is a GitHub hot project wechat applet client. Only one hot project is recommended on the home page. This project is often a project generated by social hot events, such as and wuhan2020. The recommended project standards are as follows:It is positive, healthy, hot and progressive

There are many GitHub applets. However, it is meaningful to pull GitHub trending data to recommend hot projects (this applet also supports this function). However, it is inefficient to obtain the required information, and it is not necessary to find the project you need. Therefore, this project is created. The objectives of this project are to:Open as needed

How to use this project

Developers who like to hang out on GitHubGitHub official account operator, andHot project followersYou can pay close attention to this item, welcome daily check, and also connect with the project in the background of official account. Insert small program in the article. Readers can conveniently jump and view GitHub project, insert small program method, please click here.

Function introduction

  1. The only hot item recommended on the home page
  2. The second tab page recommends hot spots or historical hot spots
  3. The third tab page shows GitHub trending
  4. The fourth tab page shows the recent activities of the people you follow, and it is often possible to find items of interest here
  5. The fifth tab page displays your GitHub account information to manage your project
  6. In this project, you can make it convenient for star or fork to raise issues or comment on issues, or to follow someone. All these operations are designed to prevent you from seeing some interesting items, but it is not convenient to operate, resulting in loss of contact in the future. Although the relevant mailbox or home page can not be directly operated in the applet, it can copy the link of the mailbox or home page after clicking, which can also meet most needs.
  7. Of course, there are some small colored eggs in the small program, please find it yourself!

Small program code

GitHub top applet

Preview screenshot

GitHub top applet

Implementation correlation

  • The real-time data related to GitHub project comes from GitHub API v3
  • The related configurations of top and history are from the issues whose tags are top and hot in this project (GitHub page was originally planned, but the corresponding speed was not good, and the maintenance cost of setting up the server by yourself was too high, so we finally used to configure the JSON file in issue)
  • The trending data comes from GitHub trending API
  • For markdown parsing, towxml 2. X is adopted, and upgrading to 3. X is not considered for the moment. It may be a problem for me to use. 3. X has always been wrong and issues have been raised to the original project.
  • The project construction adopts the version of taro 2.0.2 of Jingdong open source project.
  • There is no self built cloud server.

Explanation and thanks

This small program is based on the secondary development of gitter project, is my poor imitation of gitter, thank you!


Apache License 2.0


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