GitHub star attraction – 2000 + star experience in one year


GitHub star attraction - 2000 + star experience in one year

1. Preface

In recent years, the author has been developing the front end of GitHub almost every day, sharing blogs and doing some open-source projects on it from time to time. It is also a heavy user of GitHub, who has mastered some skills and gained in one year2000+ Star。

Because some readers have asked me about my open source project on GitHub and obtained2000+Star’s experience, so I would like to share some of the experience and experience of this process, which is the welfare of those who pay attention to my readers.

GitHub star attraction - 2000 + star experience in one year

2. Why do you want to run your GitHub well?

GitHub can be said to be your technical business card, and your contribution to GitHub can be used as a bonus to your resume.

As far as I know, one of the many ways for headhunters to find candidates for technical posts is to find candidates with better technology through GitHub. If your GitHub is well managed, there will be more stars in open source projects, which will generally provide you with some good opportunities.

Why do I know? Because they have looked for the author, so I know, hahaha.

And if the team leader of a company sees your GitHub and thinks your technology is good, he will also give you an olive branch to solicit. This situation, the author also encountered, ha ha ha.

I also recently quit naked and changed my job. Recently, in the process of looking for a job, I learned that if I want to get a good job or enter a large factory through social recruitment, I usually need 1-2 highlights in the following four points.

  • Highly educated, graduated from a famous school
  • Full working experience (but not one year experience for five years)
  • Have open source and influence, GitHub’s contribution or often write high-quality blog
  • I have the working experience of a large factory

Most people are ordinary people, and the work they usually do is just writing business. Only when you have 1 – 2 highlights, HR or the interviewer will select you when screening resumes, or good opportunities will automatically find you.

When looking for a job, the highlight of my resume is GitHub’s contribution. In the column of open source and influence, I wrote as follows:

Open source and influence

  • GitHub:
  • I haveWrite technology blog and open source projectHabits,Willing to share, blog and open source projects for as long asOne and a half years
  • Open source and maintain in spare time10Personal projects, including blog articles, thought map of Vue source code, foreground of Vue version blog website, background of react management, background of express, and some JS wheels.
  • Total harvest on GitHub2000+ Star,500+ Fork ,570+Followers; over100Star’s projects include6More than500Star’s projects include1One.

If there is no such bright spot, it is estimated that during the cold winter of the Internet, it is difficult for the author to have an interview or find a job in a good company.

GitHub star attraction - 2000 + star experience in one year

3. How to manage your GitHub?

What value can you offer others.

If you want to harvest many small stars, the first thing you need to think about is:What value can you offer others

As far as the author is concerned, the values that the author provides to others on GitHub are as follows:

  • Write blog articles, from which others can learn experience, knowledge points, or improve their thinking;
  • Summarize the relevant knowledge into a mind map, share it, and others can learn it directly;
  • According to their own interests, make a blog site, and share the source code, and do open source, others can use it directly;
  • Some of the wheels you make in your work are also shared and can be used directly by others.

In short, the principles are:The more value you can provide, the more stars you will get

3.1 write blog articles

As for why I want to write a blog, I won’t say. Many great gods have already written it. You can refer to what some big guys have written. Why do I want to write a blog?

I just want to say,As long as you start blogging, it’s basically a never-ending road。 Because that’s what I do, and I see a lot of bloggers doing the same.

In addition, it is better to use markdown grammar for writing, or refer to the writing specification of Chinese technical documents written by Ruan Yifeng, so as to pay more attention to the content itself rather than the style, and multiple platforms can also be published.

And writing is a very important part, because the methods introduced later depend on writing more or less.

The author has created a blog warehouse on GitHub to write articles, which is also the open source project that the author has gained the most star at present, and the layout and style are relatively regular. If you want to create a warehouse to write articles, please refer to my blog project.

GitHub star attraction - 2000 + star experience in one year

3.2 open source projects

Maybe you think your code is not well written, there is no function of abuse, and you dare not open source code. That’s right, but you need to know,Big gods come from Xiaobai. Everyone has a time when they are Xiaobai

And there is no lack of latecomers. Most of the time, your sharing is mainly useful for those who are latecomers. Moreover, those who are more powerful than you may point out the mistakes or improvements in your sharing, which can also promote your progress.

There are many types of open source projects, such as wheel building, plug-in writing, high imitation of an app or website, general template writing with some technologies, mind map making by summarizing knowledge, function providing, etc.

Although there are so many types, the main ones are:Choose which type of open source project to do according to your own interests and daily work

Because I usually write blog, so I want to make my own personal website to show my articles, and I want to learn react and node at that time, so I made a website project and open source, including front display, management background and background.

Other open source projects are the wheels or plug-ins that the author has built in his work (PS: if it’s the wheels or plug-ins of the company’s confidential projects, or the company has declared that it can’t transfer the code outside, don’t open source at will).

I think: since I have such a need (for example, to be my own personal website), then in the same way, other people may also have this need, so I do a good job in function and open source, which may be helpful to others.

After I open source, I did provide experience or help to many people. Because of this project, I have gained a lot of small stars. And many people are from the party. If you do well, others can use it directly. How convenient it is.

Another project is the foreground display of Vue + typescript. At that time, I had written a version of react. Why did I write a version of Vue? Because I want to learn typescript, so I want to practice it with Vue, but I haven’t used it in my work, so I used Vue + typescript for the foreground display of my website.

At that time, there were few open-source projects of typescript plus Vue, and even few related blogs. I wanted to refer to other people’s projects, but I didn’t, so I stepped on a lot of holes at that time. So I think: if I open source, I’m sure many people will refer to my project, which will also bring a certain amount of traffic, so I can harvest a lot of stars. It is true that this project is also one of the most star projects in my current complete project.

It should be noted that:One’s energy and spare time are very limited. If it’s a person, don’t do too many open source projects. It takes time to maintain an open source project. It takes more time to maintain multiple projects

Do you think open source is enough? It’s naive.

Then write to introduce your open source projects, such as the following:

  • Introduction: briefly explain what this project is for
  • Result: what effect does the code of this project achieve
  • Step: how to run your project, or how to use the plug-ins you write.
  • Article: explain the project in detail (optional, preferably)

With this, people will know the situation of your project as soon as they see your project’s GitHub.

GitHub star attraction - 2000 + star experience in one year

3.3 hard core is king

To do an open source project with a great product mentality.

To make an open source project is to make a product. We need to make an open source project with the mentality of making a good product, so that your product quality will be better, and you will have enough hard core, that is, material.

I had this awareness when I was doing this blog site. After the first version, I was also constantly iterating and improving.

In terms of the results I have achieved, it is not hard core, because there are still some optimization points and practical functions, but I haven’t done them yet.

At present, the author regrets that there is not a hard core open source project with 1000 + star or even 10000 + star. In the future, if the technology is more advanced, or if you have good ideas, open up a good open source project.

One of the hard core open source projects I know is this: the markdown editor supporting custom style. This project is based on the concept of a product, and the author is constantly iterating and improving. And the update speed is very fast, also very standard.

Of course, you can also refer to those well-known open source projects. After all, there must be a reason why they are so successful.

GitHub star attraction - 2000 + star experience in one year

3.4 time and persistence

It takes time to do open source projects.

For example, the blog website project that the author has done takes more than two months’ spare time to do. Fortunately, the normal working time of the company is 965, usually it only takes seven hours to go to work. There is less overtime, so there is more spare time.

But when I do open-source projects in my spare time, my real working time every day can be 9117 or 907, because when I get off work in the evening, I will spend 2-3 hours to do open-source projects, and the same is true for the two days on the weekend, and when I have lunch from Monday to Friday, I will also squeeze out about 30-40 minutes to learn relevant technologies or do open-source projects.

After getting used to it for about two months, I finally rolled out the first version of the website.

So time is very important. You can’t do a good open source project without time.

And this is the result of persistence. If you feel tired halfway, you may give up.

If you ask me, don’t I feel tired? In fact, I seldom feel tired, because I’m interested in doing what I like. In addition, I usually exercise, so I’m not tired.

Of course, if your working time is 996, you may not have so much time. It’s better to open source some plug-ins developed in your work or wheels for specific functions.

GitHub star attraction - 2000 + star experience in one year

3.5 promote your own projects

It’s important to have talent. It’s more important to let others know your talent.

Good wine is afraid of deep alleys.

When you do your open source project well, you think someone will give you a little star, then you are naive.

If you want to harvest little stars, you have to go to the technology community to promote it. Otherwise, no one knows your project. In this era,Traffic is king., this is the same for open source projects. Only when people come and understand your project, can they give you little stars.

And to promote it, you have to be cheeky, which is called self marketing.

So to write an article about your open source project, the main point of the article is to highlightEffect and function

Then isPropagandaGo to major technology communities (such as: think no, Nuggets, etc.) to publish your articles to achieve the purpose of drainage.

If you want to know how to write promotion articles, you can refer to these two articles I wrote: the concise and fashionable blog website of react + node + Express + ant + mongodb and the Vue + typescript + element project practice (the concise and fashionable blog website) and stepping on the mark.

GitHub star attraction - 2000 + star experience in one year

4. summary

I think the most important factor to do a good open source project is interest, otherwise you may give up in the middle of the project, it is difficult to stick to the completion of the project.

Sometimes, it’s good to have a strong sense of Utilitarianism (for money, for fame). It’s a great help for you to finish what you want to do.

Finally, to master the GitHub star attraction method, start with writing and start from now on.

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GitHub star attraction - 2000 + star experience in one year

GitHub star attraction - 2000 + star experience in one year