GitHub Chinese trend list number one! “2020 novel coronavirus pneumonia” project has been awarded 4.9K star standard!


GitHub Chinese trend list number one!

Novel coronavirus pneumonia GitHub has been the top of the Chinese trend list in the past two days. As of now, it has gained nearly 5K Star, 600+ Fork.

Project introduction

The Chinese name of the novel coronavirus pneumonia project is “2020 new crown pneumonia memory: report, non fiction and personal narration”. The aim of the project is to provide Natural Language Processing with information database for the prevention and control of nCovMemory.

The database contains novel coronavirus pneumonia related media reports, non fiction works and personal descriptions of the 2020 coronavirus infection. All the content comes from the Internet. A complete entry includes the content from the trusted source, including date, title, original URL, screenshot, archive and other elements, and does not include comments, analysis, popular science and other categories of works.

GitHub Chinese trend list number one!

The specific structure of the project is as follows:

This is the archive of an article. JPG format is currently available
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│    ├─1.jpg
│    └─...
Article data in - Data CSV format
│  └─data.csv
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Template readme template
│  └─README.handlebars
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└─                         Main document

What is the significance of the project?

There is no doubt that this epidemic has become a national war. From the beginning of refueling in Wuhan to now refueling in China, we are constantly discussing the development of the epidemic.

We will feel sorry for those who lost their lives in the epidemic, and we will be moved by the dedication of medical staff and frontline anti epidemic staff. We will isolate ourselves and wear masks at any time. These are small things that we can do, but each of us is working hard for the victory of anti epidemic.

However, no matter what the final result is or when the epidemic ends, this is an unforgettable history in our hearts. What we can do is to record the complete course of the event and draw some relevant conclusions through big data analysis, so as to avoid the recurrence of tragedy. This is also one of the values that big data brings to us.

The article “data model analysis” we pushed a few days ago tells you that now is not the time to go out! 》In this paper, the author uses data analysis to tell us the importance of controlling population flow to epidemic prevention and control.

And this project on GitHub, with my personal understanding, can use AI To analyze the reports of new coronary pneumonia in websites, news reports and social media, to analyze the texts published on social media through natural language processing, to analyze the real news and false news according to the sequence of news occurrence, to analyze the direct or indirect connection between events, so as to draw some conclusions and attribution.

I believe that this information will have more and greater use for professional knowledge and team.

We are looking forward to seeing more good news and positive news about the epidemic control work. However, the original intention of our record is to make the country better and the people happier.

“2020 novel coronavirus pneumonia: report, non fiction and personal narration” GitHub project address:…

More people are on the move

In addition to “ncovmemory”, there are many projects worthy of our attention. Our company’s technology department @ joyqi has recorded the development trend of the epidemic situation with open data, so that we can analyze more valuable information from it

Project address:…

Many netizens are also doing reports, individual narratives, sorting and recording of online public opinion, such as:

1.2020 Wuhan Individual Stories…

The backup records of ordinary people during the epidemic mainly come from Douban, which may be expanded in the future.

2. Workers under the epidemic situation: collection of Chinese media reports (continuously updated)…

We sorted out what the workers did in the epidemic. By industry.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia: 3. epidemic and public opinion: Wuhan new crown pneumonia time line TIMELINE…

The time line of novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan since December 2019 was recorded. It is compiled in the mode of sociological Yearbook.


Release overseas academic and non academic information related to the epidemic every day.

The fear brought about by the epidemic situation notification in Wuhan is far faster than the content of the notification itself. Many city have announced the novel coronavirus case data, which makes people pay more and more attention to various preventive methods.

However, many incorrect prevention methods also confuse the public at this time, and even make people ignore the correct response methods.

Segmentfault CEO @ Gao Yang sunny: in the face of the national incident, although we segmentfault
It’s a developer community, but it can cover the visits of millions of developers every day, so we think it’s necessary to sort out and screen some valuable content to attract the attention of developers in the community, treat it seriously and rationally, protect themselves and their families!

Here, the editor of segmentfault has sorted out the protective measures, methods and latest developments of new pneumonia for millions of developers in the community. I hope that everyone will not believe in rumors, do not spread rumors, believe in science, believe in the efforts and dedication of medical staff, and more importantly, develop good healthy living habits, strengthen exercise, pay attention to physical and mental health, and do a good job in epidemic prevention.

GitHub Chinese trend list number one!

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GitHub Chinese trend list number one!