GitHub announced the formal acquisition of NPM and will take over the JavaScript ecosystem?


GitHub announced the formal acquisition of NPM and will take over the JavaScript ecosystem?

In the early morning of Beijing time, GitHub CEO NAT Friedman announced that GitHub had signed an agreement to acquire NPM. After that, GitHub will be committed to building a reliable registry infrastructure, improving the core experience and code security.

This is undoubtedly a big news for the entire developer ecosystem.

Who is NPM?

GitHub announced the formal acquisition of NPM and will take over the JavaScript ecosystem?

NPM is spelled as node package manager, which is a JavaScript / node package manager. So far, NPM has provided more than 1.3 million software packages to more than 12 million developers, which are downloaded 75 billion times a month.

Most developers know that Node.js The explosion of NPM is inseparable from NPM. In fact, the reason why NPM can develop to today’s scale is also inseparable Node.js 。

Node.js At the time of birth, because of the lack of a separate package manager, the author of NPM and the author of NPM fell in love Node.js NPM is built into.

Later, with Node.js With the popularity of NPM, people began to share JavaScript code with NPM, so jQuery author also published jQuery to NPM. With the increasing influence of NPM, sharing code with NPM has become one of the standard configurations for front-end engineers.

However, due to its open source business form and non professional business operation, it has been in financial crisis since its establishment. In the past year, the company has also frequently exposed scandals, and the management of NPM has changed several times in the past year. NPM’s former employees and community developers were dissatisfied with the company and created a competitive NPM product.

In the face of various levels of crisis and risk, joining GitHub may be one of the best solutions for NPM. “As a start-up, we have big dreams that are hard to achieve,” SCHLUETER, founder of NPM, said on his official blog. This is an opportunity to realize these dreams. “

For GitHub and Microsoft, the acquisition of NPM is more of strategic significance.

Microsoft’s big strategy

GitHub announced the formal acquisition of NPM and will take over the JavaScript ecosystem?

In my opinion, the news of GitHub’s acquisition of NPM is friendly to the whole JavaScript and front-end developers. Everyone understands the principle of relying on a tree to enjoy the cool and having money to do things easily.

But as for GitHub’s acquisition, some developers commented that Microsoft’s goal of taking over JavaScript is almost achieved.

In 2018, Microsoft acquired GitHub for $7.5 billion, taking over the largest open source ecosystem in the technology field; last November, Microsoft launched the web version vs code, occupying most developers’ machines; this acquisition of NPM has the ability to change the way developers use JavaScript through typescript.

Whether it is a popular development tool stack, Microsoft has made great advantages from the hosting platform, package management tools, IDE (Editor), and programming language. In recent years, Microsoft has been implementing a cloud first strategy, committed to building azure into a global leading integrated cloud service through the technical route. The acquisition of NPM aims to connect all these tools with azure and integrate them seamlessly.

In addition, there is another worry on the Internet.

As early as May 12, 2018, Mike Milinkovich, an open source advocate and chairman of the eclipse foundation, criticized Microsoft for monopolizing open source tools. For example, there was an event that Facebook modified the react open source agreement. Mike believes that GitHub and vs code have already represented a great degree of aggregation, and Microsoft has started to step into the cake of package management services, so the paths used by open source developers will all point to Microsoft.

Guest comments

CEO Gao Yang:

In recent years, segmetnfault has been maintaining interaction and communication with Microsoft officials, and has also felt the strength of Microsoft’s technology and community.

From the perspective of Microsoft’s open-source strategy, Microsoft is winning more and more open-source products and mobile developers. There is no doubt that Microsoft has brought value to the entire developer industry.

The intervention and integration of industry giants will certainly form a more powerful ecological effect, and make the ecology of JavaScript and the whole big front end better.

Segment fault CTO Qi Ning

There was no sign of NPM’s acquisition before. It is said that its founder personally sought GitHub for acquisition, which should be to relieve financial pressure.

NPM as node.js As an important part of the infrastructure, it does not have strong profitability. It is a good way to integrate into GitHub ecology.

Microsoft, which was rejected by front-end programmers in the IE era, now has such big killers as vs code, typescript, GitHub and NPM in hand, which makes people feel like an afterlife.

What do you think of it?

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GitHub announced the formal acquisition of NPM and will take over the JavaScript ecosystem?

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