Gitee add Shh public key

  • Public key

Many servers need authentication, Shh authentication is one of them;
Generate the public key on the client side and add the generated public key to the server. When you connect to the server in the future, you don’t need to input the user name and password every time;
Many git servers use SSH authentication. You need to send your generated public key to the code warehouse administrator, and let him add it to the server. Then you can freely pull and submit the code through SSH.


  • Shh public key

Adding Shh public key can make your computer use secure link when communicating with code cloud; [git remote should use Shh address]
Note: in order to facilitate the use of the same set of public key in multiple warehouses and avoid repeated deployment and management, code cloud introduces the deployable public key function to realize the public key sharing among warehouses;


  • The difference between HTTPS and shh

Anyone can clone an HTTPS project on gitee;
Shh project requires you to be the owner or administrator of the project, and Shh key is added.
When pushing the URL of HTTPS, you need to verify the user name and password;
Shh does not need a user name when pushing. If a password is set when configuring Shh key, you need to enter a password. Otherwise, you do not need to enter a password.


  • Steps to add Shh public key to code cloud:

  • Setting security setting Shh public key
  • Check whether the computer has Shh key:
    • Run Cd ~ /. Shh and LS in turn
    • The above two commands check whether the ID exists_ RSA and ID_ If not, generate the public key as follows.
  • Generate Shh public key:
    • Run the command: SSH keygen – t RSA – C ‘your_ [email protected] ‘; [email is just a key for identification, you can enter any content as a comment! 】
      • -T specifies the key type. The default is RSA, which can be omitted.
      • -C sets the comment text, such as the mailbox.
      • -F specifies the key file storage file name.
      • The above code omits the – f parameter. Therefore, after running the above command, you will be asked to enter a file name to save the SSH key code just generated.
    • After three carriage returns, Shh key is generated; an ID is added under [C: / / users / ICSS \. SSH]_ [document]
    • Directly open the file copy or directly execute the command cat ~ /. SSH / ID_
  • In the code cloud, set the title and add the public key;
  • Run command: SSH – t [email protected] , enter yes;
  • Hi XXX! You’ve successfully authenticated, but Does not provide shell access.
  • After adding successfully, the warehouse can be operated by SHH protocol.