Gitbash installation tutorial under windows (Xiaobai tutorial)


Download and install

1. Download a git installation package from the GIT official website, and download the address from the official website

2. Double click the installation program to enter the welcome interface and click next

3. Read the agreement and click [Next >]

4. Select the installation location and click [Next >]

5. Select the installation component: you can use the default option here, and click [Next >]

Additional icons: select whether to create a desktop shortcut

Windows Explorer integration

  • Use git bash mode, shell mode
  • Use desktop program mode

Associated configuration file: whether to associate git configuration file, which mainly displays text editor style

Associate shell script file: whether to associate bash command execution script file

Use TrueType encoding: whether to use TrueType encoding in the command line, which is a common code developed by Microsoft and apple

6. Whether to create the shortcut directory of start menu, click [Next >]

7. Set the environment and choose what kind of command-line tool to use. Generally, we use the default configuration, use git bash, and click [Next >]

Git comes with: use git bash command-line tools provided with GIT

The system comes with CMD: use the command line tool of windows system

There are both: the above two are configured at the same time, but note that this will change the find.exe and sort.exe Tool coverage, if you do not understand these, try not to choose

8. Set the encryption mode of HTTPS transmission and click [Next >]

  • Using OpenSSL Library
  • Using the native windows secure channel Library

9. Select line feed format and click [Next >]

  • Let git automatically convert line breaks in files: when checking out to local, it will be converted to line breaks under windows, and when it is submitted to the server, it will be converted to line breaks under UNIX
  • Let git do not make conversion when checking out to the local, and keep the newline character of the original file;
  • When submitting to the server, it is converted to a new line character under UNIX, so that git does not convert when checking out to the local and submitting to the server

10. Configure git bash terminal emulator and click [Next >]

  • Using mintty terminal
  • Use the windows default command line

11. Performance configuration, whether to enable file system caching, click [Next >]

12. Start installation

13. After installation, click finish

14. Environment variable configuration

After the installation is successful, you need to configure the GIT environment variable “note that this step is git configured in the windows CMD command. If you do not configure it, you can use git bash directly.”

In program path, add the variable

Verify whether the configuration is successful. Open the windows command line and enter the GIT version command. The following information indicates that the configuration is successful.

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