Git version fallback


In the past, if I wanted to remove a function, I would delete it selectively, annotate it selectively, and then view and compare it logically. Every time, after changing these, I always feel so tired!!! Then I found a very powerful function of GIT:RollBACK 。 Of course, I still like to call it:Version fallback

1. git log

  • Definition: this command displays the latest to farthest commit logs. Each submission has a correspondingcommit idandcommit message

    Git version fallback

If you dislike that the output information is disorderly, add–pretty=onelineGive it a try!

Git version fallback

2. git reset –hard id

  • Definition: returns to the specified version according to the ID;
    We have seen all the submitted information according to the GIT log command. In this article, I will go back toPersonal module modification package introduction sequenceVersion, i.ecommit id7222c8f6be2d663982faa98dffe2647966b438b1;
  • effect:

3. git push origin HEAD –force

  • Push to local to remote warehouse: make the remote warehouse code the same as your local version.

At this time, I suddenly found that there was no need to go back. The disappeared code just now had to be found again. Don’t worry, we git are powerful!

4. git reflog

  • Definition: view the history of command operations

    Git version fallback

Find what you want**_ Operation ID * *, Still use the above**_ git reset --hard id_**。 As like as two peas, I return to the same version as the first one.

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