Git pull remote branch to local


Git pull remote branch to local

Pull branch

First, you need to check whether you have a connection with the remote warehouse.

git remote -v

If not, add it yourself

Git remote add origin xxxx (GIT warehouse address of your remote branch)

If you want to commit code every day, you can bypass the above step and switch branches directly

git checkout -b Q3 origin/Q3

At this time, the operation failure prompt is as follows:

  • fatal: ‘origin/Q3’ is not a commit and a branch ‘Q3’ cannot be created from it

It means that you don’t have the remote branch Q3 locally.

You can perform git branch – r to check if there is a Q3 remote branch locally.
Pull remote branch to local and switch branches.

git fetch origin Q3
git checkout -b Q3 origin/Q3

Pull remote branch to local

git pull origin Q3

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