Git LFS upload file has 2G size limit


How to upload files larger than 100MB to GitHub, you can use git LFS

Sensitive data can be applied to GitHub private warehouse for free use

Pit: git LFS upload file size has 2G limit,
The bigger pit, there are also restrictions on GitHub, about the quota description…

Git LFS upload file has 2G size limit

That is, it can only solve the problem of uploading files larger than 100MB and less than 2G

If you need to transfer between two servers, the downloaded server also needs to install git LFS

CentOS installation

curl -s | sudo bash

yum install git-lfs

In Git directory

git lfs install
git lfs track "\*.tar.gz"
git add .gitattributes
git commit -m "track \*.tar.gz files using Git LFS"
git add 1.tar.gz
git commit -m "add 1.tar.gz"
git push origin master

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