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Clsss should use classname <div className="color-light">

The structure of documents now seems to refer to each other

Subtitle SCSS introduction

In order to look at the comfortable and faster selection label, I decided to use SCSS. The demo comes with less, but relatively speaking, SCSS is more familiar and is not successful

          test: /\.(le|c|sc)ss$/,
          use: [
              loader: 'css-loader',
              loader: 'postcss-loader',
              options: {
                ident: 'postcss',
                plugins: [require('autoprefixer')()],
                plugins: () => [
                  //Add this plug-in to the plug-in of postcss loader
                  //Px2rem ({remunit: 75}) means 1rem = 75px. This is based on the 750px design draft. If it is 620, write 62
                  px2rem({ remUnit: 75 })
              loader: 'less-loader',

Later, I couldn’t help but use less. When rem2px was introduced, I found that the location of the addition was wrong. The specific configuration of webpack should be to remove itscssIn any case, it’s OK to add it directly with less.

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