Get the submitted content of GIT


QT Jun recently work need to release a software, but encountered some problems. Software is requiredWrite Version DescriptionHowever, the content of version modification is in every commit of GIT. Manual copy is obviously too time-consuming and not worth it.

   so I checked the manual and wrote this immediatelyExtract commit content commandSimple and convenient to complete the task, by the way to share with you.

git log --oneline --no-merges --since="2019-10-01" --until="2019-12-20" | awk '{$1="";print $0}'

--oneline: concise display.
--no-merges: do not merge the commit of.
--since: defines the start date of the extraction.
--until: limit the end date of the extraction.
awk '{$1="";print $0}': get the content except the first column (extract the submitted content).

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