Get in touch with the rust community! Here comes the first rustcon Asia


Get in touch with the rust community! Here comes the first rustcon Asia

Rustcon Asia is coming! Jointly sponsored by secret ape technology and pingcap, the first rust conference in Asia will be officially opened in Beijing, China on April 20.

The lecturers of the conference are from Australia, Canada, Europe and Asia. Nick of the rust core team has been leading the work of the rust dev tools and cargo team, and has given serious suggestions and support since the rudiment of rustcon Asia (reddit. COM / R / trust / comments / a5810s / what_do_you_expect_from_a_rustconf_in_china /); Three lecturers from Baidu X-lab (Mingshen sun, Yiming Jing, Yu Ding) have long been engaged in the field of security and rust community. This time, they have also lived up to expectations to return home to support the first rust conference in Asia. In addition, lecturers of different nationalities from Europe and developers who have made active contributions in the rust community for a long time will meet with you in Beijing. In addition, the domestic rust project and top developers also surfaced. You will see developers from pingcap, secret ape technology, Zhihu, Alibaba and bilibilibili and active contributors to the Chinese community.

RustCon Asia ( )Go onlineIn the two weeks since CFP (call for proposals) accepted the topic submission, we have received a total of 50 topics in Chinese and English, which are very rich in content and more diversified than we expected. I would like to thank the potential lecturers who paid attention to the conference and submitted the topics.

The seven members of the organizing committee participating in the topic selection are from rust core team, pingcap, secret ape technology and Baidu x-lab. Members of the Organizing Committee of the conference will first make blind evaluation and score according to the topic and content introduction, so as to ensure the quality of the final candidate topics. After the scoring, a comprehensive evaluation will be made in combination with the submitters and profiles of each topic.

After a week of selection and nearly 2 hours of discussion, we finally selected the following topics. You can click the official website to view the lecturer information:

Day 1 (April 20): rust in depth

  • Making Rust Delightful – Nick Cameron
  • Linux From Scratch in Rust – Mingshen Sun
  • Rust for competitive programming – bhueztez
  • Implementing a secp256k1 library in pure Rust – Wei Tang
  • How Rust taught me to think about systems – Ravi Shankar
  • Futures in TiKV – Qupeng
  • Implementing a p2p network framework – Driftluo
  • Stackful coroutine based rust async story – Xudong Huang
  • Improving web app with Rust and WASM – Ilya Baryshnikov
  • Cargo meets Autotools – Yiming Jing
  • Re:Zero – writing a custom derive – Xidorn Quan
  • Distributed Actor System in Rust – Zimon Dai

Day 2 (April 21): rust in production

  • Be Fearless Using Rust in Production – RobotXY
  • Rust at Bilibili – WaySLOG & Wang Weizhen
  • How to learn Rust efficiently – Alex
  • Search Engine in production with Rust – Xiaoguang Sun
  • Closing Talk – Rust project update by Nick Cameron

Day 3-4 (April 22-april 23): Workshop

  • RustBridge – Oliva Hugger
  • Introduction to IoT using Blynk, Rust and your Smartphone – Rahul Thakoor
  • Rust at Cryptape – Zhiwei Ning
  • WebAssembly with wasm-bindgen – Ilya Baryshnikov
  • Rapid Development of RESTful microservices using actix-web and diesel – Alex
  • Build a Secure and Trusted Framework in Rust – Yu Ding, Mingshen Sun
  • Building a blockchain using Rust with Parity Substrate – Gautam Dhameja

The agenda of rustcon Asia conference is divided into two parts, in which there are keynote speeches on the first and second morning, including regular 30 minute speeches and about 15 minute short speeches. The first day is an in-depth and comprehensive introduction to rust from its characteristics, programming thinking, tool use and other aspects.

The topic content of the second day focuses on the efficiency of rust in application, helping you to compare the technical selection and analyze the application effect. Nick will tell you the progress of various projects in rust community.

The third day and the fourth day are the start-up workshops. There will be different topics in the three rooms in two days. Please prepare your homework in advance.

Rustcon Asia will be a big gathering of Asian rust communities. Because of this conference, the local rust communities in Asia are connected to the rest of the world. Previously, rustfest’s partners saw part of the agenda and were excited to listen to what happened to the rust community in Asia.

If you have just come into contact with rust, or just heard about it, you must come to rustbridge; Interested in cryptography? Listen secp256k1; There are also indispensable application cases of rust in live broadcasting, search, IOT, etc. As for the legend that rust’s learning path is particularly steep, come to the scene to listen to people’s experience and lessons, which will definitely benefit you a lot.

There will be simultaneous interpreting support at the conference site, so there is no need to worry about language barriers. Most of our lecturers bring their own bilingual skills. Please enjoy hang out with the lecturers and other partners attending the meeting!

Registration channel:…

Official website of the conference:

Twitter @RustConAsia

About rustcon Asia

Rust enthusiasts have spread all over the world, and there have been developer conferences of different scales in Europe, America and other places. But it is still blank in Asia. Influenced and inspired by rustfest in Europe, rust belt rust in the east of the United States, rustrush in Russia, rustconf in the west of the United States and rust LATAM in Latin America, we opened the first rust conference in Asia, and expect rustcon Asia to be held periodically and continuously in the future, connecting the developers of rust in Asia and the global rust community, supporting each other and jointly preaching the development language of rust.

In Asia, we have many excellent cases of rust development. Some rust projects have been used in the production environment for many years, including China’s bank core system, trust chain, distributed system, network and cloud service infrastructure.

We chose Beijing as the first stop of rustcon Asia, first of all, because our organizers secret ape technology and pingcap are from China; Secondly, it is also because we are particularly familiar with Chinese developers and development community culture. Both secret ape technology and pingcap attach great importance to the developer community. In addition to the appeal of the product itself, the developers of the core team are also particularly active in various developer communities, continuously contributing technical knowledge and organizing a variety of developer activities.

In the future, we will promote rustcon Asia to other countries in Asia to better promote the cooperation and mutual assistance between local communities and global communities.