Gcli scaffold tools

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Gcli scaffold tool can quickly build the project framework, with two sets of project foundation frameworks built in(echo-frameworkiris-framework), the basic framework of the project has been integratedgormRead write separationjwtsocket.ionsqEtc. to quickly develop common functions without building from scratch


go get -u github.com/nelsonkti/gcli


gcli -h

Create project

gcli create demo

Specify the path to create the project

gcli create demo --path /Users/Go/src/*****

Specify the frame, select echo, iris, and default echo

gcli create demo --fw echo

Detailed introduction of project framework

//Project framework based on echo framework 

//Project framework based on iris framework

Environmental requirements

go >= 1.13

Windows users:
If you want to use the gcli command globally, configure it${GOPATH}/src/bin/gcli.exeAdd to the environment variable of the system

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