Fully release the value of data: safe and reliable 6 to fly


Abstract: Based on the general demand of trusted collaboration in the industry, Huawei cloud integrates multi-dimensional technologies and capabilities such as Huawei cloud blockchain, big data and security to provide three solutions for its partners.

With the acceleration of digital process, the demand for digital cooperation between enterprises and enterprises, between enterprises and governments is becoming more and more intense.

Enterprises can provide more efficient and accurate services for the society and customers based on government data, and the government can achieve transparent supervision and accurate policy implementation based on enterprise data. Data sharing between enterprises can provide powerful help for their market expansion and joint marketing.

Data is gradually becoming an important factor of production in the digital economy. How to build the infrastructure of reliable data sharing and cooperation, protect data privacy, realize data flow, and fully release data value has gradually become an important problem faced by all walks of life.

Based on the general demands of trusted cooperation in the industry, Huawei cloud integrates multi-dimensional technologies and capabilities such as cloud blockchain, big data, security and so on, and provides three major solutions for its partners.

Data trusted sharing solution

In the face of the pain points in data cooperation, such as the difficulty of data right confirmation, data privacy protection, low sharing and exchange efficiency, difficulty in traceability and audit, Huawei cloud has launched a data trusted sharing solution, which is based on blockchain and other technologies to realize data release before sharing, application for authorization in the process of sharing, and reliable tracing and recording of actions such as evaluation after the completion of data sharing, which is realized by using Roma Application integration and efficient data sharing.

The solution can support the efficient sharing of data between government departments, break through the isolated data island of each department, realize digital office, and improve the efficiency of work. At the same time, it supports the data sharing before the enterprise, realizes data sharing and exchange under the premise of clear data ownership, and realizes asset realization by using data.

Trusted multi party security computing solution for blockchain

With the development of digital information technology, all walks of life have accumulated a large number of data with different dimensions. For example, personal related data include travel, diet, shopping, travel, shopping, medical treatment and other data. These data can be integrated to analyze, model and predict individuals in a multi-dimensional and three-dimensional way. The predicted results will help enterprises to achieve accurate marketing and help doctors Precise treatment by medical institutions helps the government to implement precise policies.

However, some data can be directly shared, while some data have high privacy protection demands, which makes it difficult to realize sharing and computing. Facing the pain points of privacy protection in data cooperation in the industry, Huawei cloud has launched a blockchain trusted multi-party security computing solution. By using blockchain, tee, big data, security and other technologies, the data can be invisible and encrypted data can be trusted After the calculation is completed, the data is destroyed and the results are synchronized to the user. Block chain and smart contract are used to realize node registration, process scheduling, data settlement and data evaluation in the whole calculation process, which promotes data flow and improves data value on the premise of privacy protection.

Blockchain distributed identity management solution

With the division of labor in society becoming more and more detailed, cooperation scenarios are becoming more and more abundant. A very simple business scenario may require the cooperation and participation of several or even more than a dozen departments. For example, the purchase of houses, employment, medical treatment and loans in people’s daily life need to involve the cooperation of financial institutions, medical institutions, educational institutions, housing management departments, etc., so as to complete the whole industry Business flow.

At present, multi-party cooperation faces several major pain points

1. Due to data fragmentation, credit cannot be transmitted, and many links need to pass paper proof, which leads to low efficiency.

2. The privacy protection is poor, and the transmission of proof is basically open and transparent to relevant organizations.

3. The real-time performance is poor, the data is not real-time, and the technical architecture cannot obtain timely data.

4. It is easy to make false, and there are illegal institutions with false starting and false certificates.

5. The cost of common people’s work is high, and a certificate may need to find multiple organizations to start the business.

Based on the demands of trusted collaboration in the industry and in combination with blockchain technology, Huawei cloud has launched a blockchain distributed identity management solution, which conforms to W3C did and VC standards. It provides infrastructure for trusted collaboration of commercial entities, reduces trust and certification costs, realizes value transfer, and improves end-to-end collaboration effectiveness.

Fully release the value of data: safe and reliable 6 to fly

Three solutions enable multi-party data collaboration scenarios to help the industry release data value

The blockchain trusted multi-party security computing solution can be enabled in the scenario of multi-party data cooperation, including joint marketing, joint risk control and joint analysis.

Taking the credit scenario as an example, the lender hopes to obtain more loan lines more quickly, and the lending institutions want to have a more accurate judgment on the risk of the loan object. The data provider, the lender and the lending institution do not want the privacy data to be leaked, and they hope to make loans successfully within the minimum range of data exposure, while the three-party credit reference agencies need to obtain a wide range of loan enterprises The loan data, blacklist data and tax data of various lending institutions are used to improve the accuracy of risk analysis.

The combination of trusted multi-party security computing and distributed identity management can solve such problems well. Lenders and financial institutions can build alliance chain to realize the management and sharing of directory and other basic data. The multi-party data can be jointly analyzed and calculated by using the security computing ability, and data cooperation can be carried out under the premise of privacy protection to identify financial risks. Secondly, through the distributed identity management ability, individuals can be described in a multidimensional and three-dimensional way, such as education, credit, income, occupation, assets, providing multi-dimensional proof and material for financial judgment.

In the scenario of medical insurance compensation, the scheme can also play a greater role. The traditional medical insurance compensation takes a long time, has low efficiency, poor real-time performance, and there is also the risk of fraud insurance. The whole process is long and painful, not only cumbersome, but also has the risk that the proof can not be reimbursed. Commercial insurance institutions also have pain points in the industry, such as the inability to effectively identify risk personnel and fraudulent insurance personnel.

In the face of the problem of how to accurately identify the insured, using multi-party data security computing wisdom to solve the problem, through the joint analysis and calculation of the insured’s various dimensions of data, we can accurately identify the satisfaction of the object, for example, according to the individual treatment data of each medical institution, we can judge the probability of disease in a certain aspect.

In the compensation scenario, distributed identity management can be used for trusted certification. For example, the VC certification of medical institutions can effectively complete the whole business flow. Even if the industry standard template is used, the certification can prove that the issuer can not deny it. Using this method can effectively realize credit transmission, reduce the cost of communication and certification, and complete the business in more than ten days from the original few days The flow is reduced to the hour level.

In the future, Huawei cloud will continue to innovate, continuously strengthen the research and development of key technologies and products, provide customers with safe and reliable computing cloud products, and enable the digital process of Qianxing Baiye.

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